No audio during gameplay/menu

I have an issue where I get no audio during the game and main menu, but the audio works during the cut scenes

Been reading around, still see that people have this issue with this version, and no solutions have popped up. Think it’s about time to be mentioned again. For me and many others, our sound is glitched to high hell, we don’t hear ANYTHING. None of the sound is working despite audio settings being checked and games being reinstalled. My subtitles aren’t working either, none show up even though i have the option enabled. There’s no obvious solution. Now I love Borderlands, but it’s kinda hard just not hearing anything while playing. If there’s any sort of fix you have please tell me. I’ve restarted my audio driver, I don’t have headphones, and it’s been annoying the ever loving daylights of me

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Just wanted to double-check that none of the options in/linked from this thread worked for either of you?

Also, if you had tried changing the compatibility setting? There’s a number of posts for different games in the series where switching the game to run under Windows 8 compatibility has fixed numerous audio and video problems.

Otherwise, the folks at the support desk may be able to help you out:

Please be aware that it may take a while to get a human response if the ticket volume is higher than usual.

Have tried compatibility just now, still nothing sadly. I did send a ticket earlier and I guess I’ll be waiting on that. Thanks for your help though