No audio when in game

Haven’t played this in ages, decided to quickly reinstall it to play with some friends and cannot get any audio. I’ve Googled, gone through every thread reporting this issue and the vast majority end with people giving up. From what I understand, there is no fix. So why is this? Why am I suddenly unable to play a game I’ve payed for? I’ve verified my cache and it came up with 1 file that it said it would reacquire, still doesn’t work, I’m not using an MSI so the other fix going around for it also doesn’t work for me and that’s it. I’m mostly just posting to get an answer as to WHY nothing has been done about this when clearly a lot of people are affected by it. I’ve played this game fine in the past on the exact same machine, got no background programs running, no antivirus clashes, and all my drivers are up to date. I’ve even recently done a clean install of Windows 10 so there’s barely anything on here, so what the hell?

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Sorry to hear you’re having problems, please submit a support ticket here:

The “no audio” problem could be the result of 3rd party software associated with your audio card or video recording/streaming software. It appears that sometimes the game audio gets “hijacked”, and either disabling these 3rd party apps completely or starting them up only after the game is running is the fix.

For example:

If none of those either apply or work for you, I would suggest the support ticket using the link provided above.


Make sure you have Windows 10 build 1809. I was having issues with my soundcard until I upgraded from 1803 to 1809. The upgrade never showed up in the updater so I had to use the Windows Update Assistant to get it.

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Ok, been a while since I had the energy to even look at these fixes, none of these posts helped but I have FOUND A FIX in a completely obscure post about something else, but if anyone else is still having issues here is what to do. Open up sounds from the tray, go to playback devices, go to properties on your playback device and go to enhancements. There’s a box that says immediate mode. It was already ticked for me, putting unticking it and reticking it solved my audio issues in this game and another. No idea why, incredibly annoying, but hopefully this will help somebody else.


Ah, the wonders of system files, control panels, and preference pains. (Deliberate spelling, totally appropriate.)

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