No Aug 12 update on XBox One X as of Aug 18

My Xbox is still on the August 5 update; I’m missing out on the new events of the Aug 12 update. I’ve tried rebooting the box several times, checking Updates which doesn’t find any. Ideas?

I don’t know what it’s like on the Xbox, but on the PS4 the news section at the bottom doesn’t always reflect the latest hotfix, but so long as you wait for the hotfix applied sign to pop up it should be current. you can test by going to pandora and seeing if you’re getting the drops from the loot the universe event. easy way to test is activate the halloween event and go to somewhere like the cathedral of the twin gods–if tons of artifacts drop you know it’s updated (or the draughts for class mods, konrad’s hold for smgs, etc). Or go to jakobs estate and into the mansion and see if maurice’s vending machine is there (somewhere in the middle on an upper floor). If it is then the current hotfix is applied.


First off, there’s a difference between an update and a hotfix.

Updates are changes to the game that are permanently downloaded to your console or computer (until superseded by a new update). The last update (or patch, in PC-parlance) was Aug. 8th.

Hotfixes are temporary direct-to-memory patches that generally can only modify data, not code, and must be reapplied every time you start the game. They are not stored locally between game sessions. The latest hotfix was Aug. 12th.

One thing to note about hotfixes is that the date shown in the news panel in the lower-left corner of the main menu does not always get updated with the release of a new hotfix - it’s been off by up to a month before now. As long as you wait at the main menu for the chime sound and the ‘Hotfix applied’ sign to appear on the pole behind your character, you have whatever the current hotfix is loaded and active (there is only ever one hotfix on the server at a time).

A second thing to note is that the ‘Hotfix applied’ sign does dematerialize after a period of time, so it’s not uncommon for it to be gone when you return back to the main menu after a session. That’s not a problem though - the current hotfix will remain applied until you fully quit the game back to desktop.

One last thing: if a new hotfix is released while you are playing, you will get an alert popup letting you know and asking if you want to apply it. To do that, simply quit your active session back to the main menu, wait for a moment (should be < 30s), and you should be good to go again.

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That last bit I have yet to see on Steam. I will be finishing a Vault Card for the week or headed to the Black Market and have it change on me in the midst of game play with no indication that it had been applied until I open the menu to check the status of the Vault Card objectives, or go to the location of the Black Market and find it gone.

I think it only applies to updates and hotfixes. Given that vault card updates are daily, they are probably on a separate channel to hotfixes.

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Thanks all for your responses

This morning, I went to Pandora Droughts and killed Undertaker and Dumptruck, but they didn’t drop anything special. I was on Mayhem 1, non-Lootsplosion, didn’t have the Shlooter equipped.

On the Xbox, when I go to Manage Games, it shows version The File Info says the update date was 8/5/2021 at 2:43pm.

The News still shows August 5. Even if this is “only” a hotfix, you’d think Gearbox would want it to show up in News, which is also a link to the website’s announcement.

I guess I’ll run around Pandora more and see. I wonder if the hotfix also took care of Private Beans not dropping the Trevonator? He finally dropped one yesterday. I was only getting Westerguns from him when I killed him 15 times a couple weeks ago.

Getting back to what Vaulthunter101 said, an update and hotfix are different. Your system showing an Aug 5 update makes sense b/c that was the last update. Your system is not going to record hotfixes as they are not permanent changes and need to be “reloaded” every time you play.

So all you can really do is wait for the hotfix applied sign to pop up after you start (so wait a bit before starting game play) then test it.

On PS4 there’s never been issue with Beans dropping the Trevantor–he’s always dropped both. A few days ago he dropped both the trevanator and westergun on the same run for me.

If you’re on MH 1 and not doing anything else (e.g. not using the shlooter) you may not notice it right away b/c even with increased drop rates from the event, MH 1 is still much lower than other levels. I’d suggest turning the halloween event on so that the loot ghosts drop items. the red and yellow will drop tons with this event.

In any case, focus less on the number but instead the type–e.g., class mods in the droughts, smgs in konrads hold, artifacts at the cathedral, etc. (I’m sure someone has either posted on this board about the specifics or made a you tube video guide).

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My experience with this event has always been that it’s not necessarily the named bosses you want to focus on. Rather, it’s the larger mobs with higher tier enemies amongst them. As mentioned above, having an event on can help. Cartels is good because any time a beacon goes off it calls in higher tier enemies, so you get better odds of drops even without Loot the Universe.

A good place to check if the event is working for Pandora is probably Guts of Carnivora - plenty of heavies there with pretty dense mobs. Last time the event was on I was harvesting snipers and launchers to sell to max out storage, and that was my go-to area for a week!