No Badass Rank Transfer - BAR of 0

Just making sure Tech Support knows - so far 5 of the guys I play with are saying there is 0 BAR transferring on their accounts but all characters, gear, and coin is moving fine.

Reddit and other forums are littered with the same complaints and people are (generally) at school or work now. This is going to get even worse as the day progresses.

An official tweet or facebook post of “we know it’s broke and are working on it, stay tuned” will go a long way to keep the kiddies from raging and demanding refunds.

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The team is looking in to an issue for folks missing Badass Ranks and Heads and Skins on Xbox One after using the Cloud Save feature.

There should be no negative effects for those who want to enjoy the game while we work on a fix. You may end up losing any badass ranks you earn during this time as they will be overridden when you inevitably re-transfer your saves as part of the fix. For the meantime, please do not delete your previous gen save files as re-uploading them may be part of the eventual solution.

No BAR for me either. All five of my characters have 0 BAR now.

Same here lol

I haven no BAR OR heads that I’ve unlocked. Looks like I have to wait…