No balance in PVP

Yup ! as the title say itself , this game have no balance in PVP ! not even a little !
the most unbalanced game i’ve ever play in my whole life.idc about PVE , actully I just bought this game for sake of PVP.
I’m tired of all this champs like Galilea , Rath , Marquis postion in some maps etc …
you guys know Galilea is a tank , not a tanky - dmg dealer ? and Rath is dmg dealer not a tank ! this just two examples for how bad this game is in terms of PVP.
sry Gearbox , but i cant play a game like this any more.Im it until OW coming out.
my only regret is why I pre-order it and why on earth I bought Deluxe Edition … just waste of money.
BB times are finish for me … and no more love for gearbox from me.


Have fun!

On another note, if you aren’t just being over dramatic, here are some suggestions.

  1. Wait for the game to be out for more than a few weeks before jumping off the deep end. Ambra was OP, they nerfed her. Galilea was OP, they are nerfing her. Just because it doesn’t get fixed in your specific time frame doesn’t mean they aren’t working on it.

  2. Play with a team. I roll with a team featuring 20s, 10s, and a 30s (me) and we roll teams all the time. Even if they are higher ranking than us, our communication and team work is vital to our success and fun.

That said, I doubt these tips will really get to you . So have fun with Overwatch. See you later.

Rath not even that op just his ult gal being a address they reworking the whole character so cant be done via a hot fix. mar is not op thats just the map design.
So 1 out of 25 is op so much for most unbalenced game ever.
Everyone has a different opinion on who is op and who is underpowered often the same character is said to be both by different people maybe instead of saying this person is op i quit this game. you could start a fourm or read one and see if people think the same if they do probably op if not you just came across a good player.

The game is new and no game releases in a balanced state ever. Gali is gonna be nerfed to the ground like ambra was (then we wait for the “gali is useless now” posts) rath I do think needs some work as his damage output is too big for the lack of skill it takes to use him. Marquis is fine once the overgrowth exploit is fixed.

I think you are overdramatic. I like PvP in Battleborn a lot because it offers you the whole variety of things by which you can help your team like buidling/capturing towers, creating big minions to push lines and other stuff. And there are no legendary items that can oneshot people.

The most stressful thing to be right now is premades vs solo queue woth average and not high players. Looking forward to having these two in separate lists.

Galilea was just nerfed, Rath is actually pretty squishy, and the only real problem with Marquis is that one spot on Overgrowth that Gearbox said they were working on a fix for.

tnx for your advice. @chairman7wjr

that’s not all ! there are other things make this game unbalance and unplayable in terms of pvp.
look at this , its just happend for me in last match

you see their average lvl was 50 and ours was 29 !
and guess what happened then , yup ! we just lose the game cuz their also premade too.(plus one DC and one AFK in our team , cuz they think we cant win)

so besides unbalanced champs , there are other things like this ,
why should I play against premade(s) in a solo queue ?
why should I play against peeps who have more lvl than me ?
last but not least , Mutation Unlocks in pvp ! srsly , thats make the game more unbalance.its not about the time you play , its about your skill … pf.

Mutations aren’t a better unlock, they’re just different. Some are better in pve or pvp. This games biggest problem comes from the sheer amount of content and learning curve. It’s a much more in depth experience than it seems at first. There will be many people who take time to get it all and until then better players and players who have tons mite time will be at an advantage. Just let the game settle its only been a week and a half. >.<

Actually, some mutator are straight better than all the options like Galilea, Phoebe and Attikus. Those chars need Mutator to be playable. Ambra for one, need the rank 12 Mutator to be able to perform her healing duty to 100%. Phoebe for example, has a muator to do a second stab at 140% damage of the first stab. Phoebe Mutator allows her to do a cross sweep instead of another stab and the sweep ends up dealing 140% damage as well so it’s a far better upgrade everyway.

This is one issue they certainly need to fix.

yup , its just another problem.maybe not for now , but 3 months later from now on when new players come to this game and they get REKT in PVP cuz they dont have Mutations Unlocks …

Rath isn’t and has never been a tank. You assume he’s a tank, because he has innate lifesteal and probably uses a loadout that optimizes his DPS to make sure he’s stealing more life than he’s losing. That’s par for the course, you should try using your quick melee more often to knock him off you.

I know , and thats the point ! hes life steal is so op right now (IMO)