No ballistics simulation in HW1

Yeeeeah, porting HW1 assets and game into the HW2 engine and replacing the physics engine that determined the chance of a hit on ships (turret tracking, ship evasion) has reaaaaaaaly not done the game wonders.

I think GBX felt it was easier to port HW1 assets into the HW2, whereas a proper remake would be taking the HW1 engine with proper physics and AI, and remastering that with the shiny grafix and such.

The more I look at how HW1 was treated in this bundle, the less impressed I am, scornful, really

The problem is that they re(im)balanced everything. The chance system in and of itself isn’t the problem, the problem is that gearbox had no idea what they were doing when assigning accuracy values and putting in unit behavior.

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Bringing HW1 into HW2 were a bad idea, a really bad idea.

Not really. They just made a few odd choices when it came to keeping important features.

And no, fuel was never an important feature.


BTW I’m just going to put out there that HW1 ship AI has been ported into HW2 before. It was a conscious choice by gearbox not to use it and use HW2 ship ai instead.


I really don’t think they put any effort at all into balancing. I’m not convinced they even played it outside of putting footage together for videos.

The flight mechanics of HW1 strike craft are is really, really poor. No more flipping and flying back on themselves, they can barely even aim, or even fly in the right direction. The flight paths are the least efficient I’ve ever seen.