No Battleplan : 05/11/17

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You mean, a woman that deserts you after 9 months of intense love because, due to circumstances beyond your control, you are no longer the man you used to be and show no signs of improving yourself anytime in the near future?


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Sounds awkwardly like my love-life… Go on.


It’s a pretty salty kind of zen, though.

Serious answer to your question: I don’t see Gearbox as a friend, but as a game studio that a) didn’t provide proper technical support for their AUD$100 game and b) quite possibly has moved on to greener pastures. Jythri has already said previously that the money for new characters isn’t there; now he says that the dev team are smaller and “wear many hats.” He’s also said before that he’s had to fight to get networking code delivered. And when the creative design lead admits on Reddit that he shares the community’s “frustration,” it makes you wonder how much internal ■■■■■■■■ he must be dealing with and how much faith Gearbox really have in this game.

I don’t really hold any of the devs you tagged responsible. Actually I suspect there’s a lot of incredibly hard work being done still on BB, although it would be cool if less of that hard work were directed at messing with Mellka. I do think, though, that we’re looking at a game in dire straits and that it’s too idealistic to paint this as a playerbase that just can’t see the good right in front of it. You, by your own admission enduring many toxic stomps, are an outlier in your enjoyment. 1300 hours, community badass status - you can’t see why the average player isn’t having fun because you aren’t that player!

I think you’re a great, positive dude, but I personally have just so run out of fun when it comes to this thing. And you know how hard I worked here to try to be encouraging and fun just six months ago.



I know.

Oh, I know all too well!

I know I’m probably in glaring denial about many things Battleborn related.

However, im not going to promote or descend into negativity when I personally prefer to try my hardest to stay positive, promote positivity, and to make every effort to see the forest through the trees!


There are people, like me, who got BB NEVER intending to play PVP. The ads said I could play any way I wanted. Little did I know that I could play any way I wanted, but wouldn’t be able to complete game objectives without playing PVP. That’s why I appreciate the addition of Bots Battle so much and are pleased it’s going to include all lore challenges.

As for the rage, perhaps they should stop using the word “soon” and more realistically say “in a few months.”


I mean, as others have said, there is currently a HUGE crop of AMAZING other games out there to play.

There are also books, movies, music, NATURE, friends, pets, many other ways to distract yourself until the update drops if you are so inclined.

Why spend the time seething and simmering in a boiling cauldron of anger?

I don’t believe there is a single Battleborn player out there who, after giving it a PROPER chance, did not get MORE than their money’s worth out of it!

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Your optimism is commendable, admirable, and other -able words I can’t think of right now. Just don’t try to force it upon others, broski.


Trust me, everyone would rather be happy and enjoying the game with 100% Satisfaction. Alas, not many can. Also most of the people who are stating their woes are the same who are still playing and TRYING to enjoy the game DESPITE all the ■■■■-ups and annoyances surrounding their Battleborn experience. The rest are probably people who aren’t currently playing but still hopeful that they’ll be able to return to playing some day.

Also. I ship @EdenSophia x Mellka. It should be made canon already. @Jythri Make it canon!


I don’t think it’s nearly so extreme as this, though. Everyone who isn’t playing is happily doing other things; it takes way less time to come here and post some sassy banter than it does to get Quick Matched on a Friday night in GMT+10, believe me!


The game is just less fun with the presence of broken characters and broken gear. Not everyone wants to or is able to run in a 5 man at all times in order to counter broken characters and bad mechanics and the draft is only available once a week. I used to play in teams more often but the lack of fixes for significant issues lately has chased away most of the people I used to play with. I think I recall reading you say you play primarily in five mans and I know that bothers some people but I actually don’t have any issue with that. I bring that up only to say that if you play solo a bit more often I think you’d understand the frustration of the rest of the playerbase more. At least in my opinion, the game was actually more fun prior to the Winter Update due to the introduction of Beatrix and the absurd gear buffs. Sure you can counter broken gear with broken gear, but the game is less fun when you’re forced to resort to equally cheap tactics simply to level the playing field. A piece of gear like Bola’s Target Finder allows bad players to secure easy kills and allows good players to secure even easier kills. I want matches to be determined by skill and strategy and not be essentially mandated to use broken characters and broken gear.

The amount of time it’s taking for progress on these issues is killing the game. People I used to play with are no longer playing and the population as a whole seems to be declining as queue times are on the rise. The frustration and lack of patience comes from a belief that there truly needs to be more of a sense of urgency. Patience, and thus complacency, is the worst thing that can happen when the game demands progress to retain players.


You all make very fair points, of course.

Perhaps I’m delusional.

But I, personally, am still in love.

And will stay optimistic til the bitter end.

People CAN be contacted and met to avoid solo queuing, if nothing else, and among other things.

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That hit me right in the gut.
Boy how I miss yesterday

“There is no greater sorrow
Than to recall a happy time
When miserable.”


But we are canon already, aren’t we? Or was she just telling me that to get me into bed? Not that I’m complaining…



Nick Cannon?


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…Nope you can go to any of the dlc.
Once Claptrap opens the last door the fast travel is accessible.
I always go to the Torque dlc since it was released, just to make some fast cash just incase the machines have something.
Going to the Tina dlc was new for me, I didn’t think about having help killing boney. :wink:


It’s canon in my Fanfiction “Mellkangaroos in the Garden”.

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Go on…

It’s an Epic modeled after the great Greek Tragedies. Exploring the themes of Forbidden and Perilous Love, Human and Elven determination, and the battle with the forces of Nature and Unstable Connections.

Waiting on that Pulitzer Prize

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I respect where you’re coming from, I just don’t think asking for patience is realistic for the sake of this game’s health. The more patient and accepting we are of where the game is and the time it has taken to fix issues, the more difficult it becomes to actually retain players. You may personally not be as frustrated with the current state of the game as others are, but the longer it takes to address these issues the less people will continue to play the game. I’m not saying all things need to be fixed instantly and I understand that certain fixes require a full update, but I believe the lack of any visible progress whatsoever these last few months has done significant damage to the playerbase. Asking for even more patience is effectively asking us to sit in silence and watch people abandon the game. Battleborn was never going to live forever, but I believe that if the way things have been handled recently continues, that death will be (and already has been) accelerated.


That sounds so FREAKIN’ hawt…

I miss playing with and hearing your sweet Aussie voices… This goes out to @Slif_One @Ginger_greninja you and similar pie… I wish things were different…