No Battleplan : 05/11/17

It actually has me worried about @MereAtGBX and @JoeKGBX - hopefully the “hiatus” doesn’t mean Gearbox is shifting funding away from community support roles.


Is it safe to say PS4 is dead? Queue times got even longer yesterday (15 minutes to 30 for QM)



A little bit slower now in the off hours, but NOWHERE NEAR dead!

i felt the difference in queues yesterday. :frowning:


First, when you do have a concern with the moderation staff or an adjudication we always ask that you bring it up to us in the form of a PM.

One of the reasons we tend to state when a post was a no-go is to deter others from responding in posts with a reciprocal level of irrelevance to the topic, and often laden with insults or ad hominems.

Please also do remember that the moderation staff do have a record of your flag history, and find it peculiar when users rally for some one’s right to say something in a dismissive or in a rude tone, and yet more than half of said users flagged such posts when it concerned them.

If anything we mods, who are nothing but users with the roles of ushers ourselves, tend to find that behavior confusing.

I can assure you of the following. If I were to write; ‘Posts like these make me hate being a mod’. I’d not be a mod for very long. Do you know why that is? Because it’s completely unnecessary. It in no way speaks to the subject of the matter, provides no context or information, but rather offers nothing more than an attempt to shut down some one’s statement with nothing more than a dismissal of it.

The majority of the internet is opinion and insults masquerading as discussion and tact, and we try quite hard not to let that happen here.

Aren’t we?

I’m asking genuinely. Are we not?

Are we not adults capable of discussing matters, regardless of whatever emotional weight we have personally assigned to it ourselves with a degree of civility and decorum?

Are we not adults, who have developed and now operate with the necessary faculties with allow us to disagree and attack the point without attacking the promoter of said point?

Are we not adults who often operate in such a manner in the real world, and feel it a moral obligation to show the same capacity on an internet forum if for nothing more than consistency of character?

The capability to waddle through the unnecessary and often soporific dismissals we ‘flag’ on a daily basis is not a symbol of our maturity. It is nothing more than giving in to a certain infantalism inherent in all of us since the time we asked why we couldn’t have ice cream for dinner.

Hope that helps you guys in understand why us mods do, what we do.


So take this with a pinch of salt and test as appropriate, but I appear to have managed to clear those primarily by playing in Bots Battle? I don’t participate in PvP much and, when I do, I’m generally not very good (atrocious K/D ratio). But, I no longer have ANY of those in my list. I do know that certain characters’ ultimate skill kills don’t seem to register in Bots Battle, but it seems that others do. Worth trying different characters, anyway, just to see if it works for you.

If you could share your knowledge of working ults.

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Not sure how to reply to all concerned, but I can meet the requirement with Isic, but only in regular PVP. Never been able to do it in Bots Battle. Just got KO’s on five or six in Bots and it didn’t count.

Here it comes :grinning:
Gonna set a record

Not yet :smirk:

#Battleplans: The Experience

Next week, we’ll be shifting the focus onto you guys with an expanded look at the community. We may even have a reward or two for you. Make sure to catch up with us next week!

Then next week comes and…

Last week we talked about doing an expanded look at the Battleborn community. We still plan to do that in the near future, but we thought this week might be better served by discussing an important change to the Battleplan.

That change was basically to announce a bi-weekly schedule. We also get a "general and subject to change list of characters that MAY or MAY NOT be changed in some way.

As some of you may know, Battleborn’s anniversary is next week. We’d like to take this time to deliver our heartfelt thanks to you, the players. We’re thrilled that you’ve enjoyed playing Battleborn so much over the last year. You’ve taken Battleborn the game and turned it into a tight-knit community. We can’t tell you how much we’ve enjoyed watching that community coalesce and grow! Your support and feedback has shaped Battleborn into what it is today, and is continuing to shape it now.
Let’s commemorate the occasion with a Legendary Loot Pack! You can unlock it with the SHiFT code below!

2 Weeks later we get this; a rehash of the info from 2 weeks ago basically, AND an “oh anniversary coming up here’s ONE (1) Legendary Lootpack Bye”

The Battleplan is currently on hiatus. Stay tuned - we’re working hard on a big update and will have more to share in the coming weeks!

Then we get this an hour late past the usual update time for the Battleplan.

I want somebody to defend this type of behavior. Why should I have faith in the words and promises of a company that treats their community as an afterthought?


Battleplans on hiatus?




Glad you went to Paladins man.

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If your intention is to help people understand, wouldn’t it be more useful to use plain language? If I talked to students the way you talk to forum members, I wouldn’t be at all shocked if they struggled to follow…


I found it ironic that he used his own type of diction then stated that,"[I] hope that you guys understand."


This counts at every circumstance by the way, so: If you have any concern about the moderating staff, be it in regards of our decisions or our way to communicate, send a PM to the mod of your choice.

Come on bud. :slight_smile:
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Pshhhhh what? No way. I am 100% serious in everything I say. No question. No doubt. Really.


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