No Battleplan : 05/11/17

Spot on.

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No need to worry, I’m almost positive that in just 10 days, 12 hours, and aproximately 55 or so minutes from now there will be a battleplan filled with love and goodies. Hehe. :blush: Oh how I just can’t wait for it. Wouldn’t it be amazing if they surprised us with more new characters!? Oh boy now I’m super excited and jolly and ANXIOUS! Eek! :relieved: I have so many ideas for GBX to implement into Battleborn, I wish my voice was heard more. Oh well, no need to get upset Grippy. Good thing I’m patient and have so much going on in my life. Goodbye forums. See you in 10 days 12 hours and approximately 55 or so minutes. So much love for all of you. :heart_eyes::smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

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Too bad you’ll be the only one waiting for that. :slight_smile:


make that 3!

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Sorry for yelling…

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I would say something in response to whatever this deluded post is but I really don’t feel like I want to be life banned just yet. Or I’ll probably get banned anyways. You know. Whatever works I guess.


They don’t use kettles in the US, so that’s not going to work, I’m afraid :stuck_out_tongue:

Apparently they microwave their water or something? I don’t know. Weird place.


Most US people also aren’t awake now since it’s the middle of the night, so a walk after our microwaved tea won’t work either. At least not in my area, unless you want to get mugged.

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When a company spends a huge amount of money on a game and tries everything it can to make it successful but then decides to give up on it then you know the game is done. You as a gamer may lose a game you love but the developers and publishers have lost a lot more than gamers ever will. Battleborn will survive now only if the gamers support it as it stands otherwise slowly but week after week we still see a slow reduction in player numbers and at some point it may go into critical collapse. PC first, then Xbox, the PS4.


Called it :grin:


As players we really only have three options. We can sit there and say “this is fine” while we watch everything around us burn to the ground, we can get out of the house (which is what the majority of people have done), or we can try our best to douse the flame. Those expressing their frustration are trying to douse the flame, but unfortunately we don’t have the tools to do so. More accurately, we’re trying to make a plea to the people who do have the tools (Gearbox are firemen in this analogy) to express the urgency of the situation. Many of us tried to make that plea a while ago, but were drowned out by a chrous of “this is fine” and thus the firemen saw no urgency and allowed the problems to persist unreasonably long. Most people got out of the house. Months later, the fire somehow hasn’t consumed the entirety of the building but the imminent danger has become nearly impossible to ignore. If it makes you personally feel better to tell yourself “this is fine,” you’re fully entitled to that but you should also understand that while it’s clearly well intended, that mentality is actively harmful and detrimental to the success of the game. Progress needs to be made and patience can’t reasonably be requested when these issues are time sensitive as people are abandoning the game over them.

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Hm. That is a good suggestion, I’ll take that in to account.

Perhaps I just have more confidence in the abilities of our users than you have in your students? But, a valuable input none the less.

If you wouldn’t mind, I’m going to need this post to explain something relevant to what has been going on in the thread.

Also, I’ll make certain to keep it concise and simple.

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Do not confuse moderator attempts to explain/enforce rules (often done in public so as to reach more than a user at a time) as the beginning of a free for all.

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The issue with putting them up on a thread, especially as a response to a call for civility, would be that it may lead others to mistakenly believe that you’re doing so to detract from the conversation and fuel your own ego, than to actually present a concern to the moderation staff.

And it is best to avoid that confusion in general.

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Eden is talkin’ smart-like, we ain’t got no “sissy pots” in 'Merica! Them micro-roni-waves is 2 fancy also! I use a tyre-fyre to cook MY water!


I’m in US, and I have a tea kettle. Well, more specifically, I have a looseleaf tea steeper, and a separate electric water kettle boiler for heating water to a very specific temperature. I might be a bit of a tea snob.

Mariage Freres Marco Polo, FTW.


Actually my family keeps a kettle on the wood stove to keep the air from getting too dry at night. And before I moved out I’d brew willow bark tea every night


Looks at profile pic of Marquis.

Seems legit!


I’m American. We use the heat coming off of the barrels of our guns or monster truck engines or we deep fry it.


We have kettles in the UK, but surprisingly, not EVERY Brit likes tea :stuck_out_tongue:


True, that. Likewise, I know a number of Welshmen who are completely tone deaf and incapable of carrying a tune. :scream: National stereotypes are not necessarily true!