No Battleplan : 05/11/17

So this was a discussion about the increasingly dire state of the game and how to prolong its lifespan as long as possible but if you guys would rather talk about tea and bacon, that’s fine too I guess.



Best learn Cantonese and / or Mandarin.

China is far and away the world’s number 1 superpower at the moment.

They straight up OWN 1/3 of America’s debt right now.


Tea and bacon ease the pain… Also kippers! Uh… For me, anyways…

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That conversation can literally go nowhere, though, until Gearbox says more.


They also severely derail the conversation apparently.

This is exactly the kind of thing I was trying to discuss. If you’re concerned with the future of this game, you shouldn’t be patient. You should be demanding progress. You should be demanding they show more regard for their customers than what they did with the handling of this Battleplan. The worst thing that can happen is Gearbox can believe their players are content and they can get comfortable and continue to take unreasonably long to fix issues as they have done since the game came out. “It’s okay to take forever to fix major issues while players leave the game” is the message that gets sent when we discuss tea instead of discussing the urgency of the problems. The longer it takes for progress to be made, be in this update or a hotfix, the less people that will actually be around to play the game when that progress finally happens. As somebody who loves this game and wants to see it stick around as long as possible, I want to make sure my voice is heard. I want to make sure the voice of the community is heard. I want this game to last as long as possible and I believe Gearbox needs to be pushed to see that their current strategy isn’t working.


Not when the lead developer chimes in on it!

But i digress…



Excellent points, and you know I agree.

But…how far to push?


To be fair, after 400 posts, any topic becomes derailed. So far everything that needs to be said about the state of communication has already been said. Until something else happens to open further discussion (next battleplan or lack there of) nothing else can really be said.



My point exactly.

And this^ is MY issue. You guys want “your voices heard” in the hope of change, go for it. I tried that many months ago, but just because i choose not to complain in every Battleborn does NOT mean that i’m complacent; it means that i’ve chosen to accept what i cannot change. Where has voicing our grievances over the last year gotten us, @j_kay_13, that’s what I’D like to know? It doesn’t appear to have gotten us anywhere, now has it? So i choose to crack jokes and lighten the mood for those of us who have chosen to stick through it all. That’s MY way of waiting for progress…


I’m certain Gearbox know the Battleborn playerbase is unhappy. But I suspect this only makes them more inclined to throw all their resources at Borderlands 3, because after so many years of negative PR, I’m sure they’re tempted to seek redemption with their most popular franchise.

Reading between the lines of what we’re told, I think the Battleborn dev team a) loves the game, b) is working hard, c) is just not big enough to sustain the frequently-patched, competitive, always-evolving game we expected this to be. Battleborn just isn’t on the same playing field as Overwatch/Paladins/etc. anymore. But we had a taste of a time when it was an active, living competitor to these games, and nobody has ever formally admitted it no longer is, so here we are, frustrated and anxious…



I don’t know why you directed your last long post at me then, as I was NOT pushing for change. Did you read my long post counselling patience, calmness, and to just let Gearbox do their thing in peace?

More of that hippy-dippy stuff you know I love!

With the ever rising off topic discussions going on, I get the feeling the forums will look like this soon.

The forums are laid out differently obviously, but you get the idea. Then again, when it came to evolve, the entire community came together to save it. They made a hashtag and everything. Wasn’t enough in the end. Here, the community is divided. You see players who are not in the slightest bit happy with how the game is being handled, so they leave or demand that action be taken now. You get the players who are very new and don’t understand the struggles of the veteran players. You get the players who have played for so long yet despite everything, still have a blast with the game and see hardly anything wrong and stay as positive as they can despite the glaring issues and faults. This is what divides the community, all these different view points. unless everyone comes together, not much will be accomplished. Regardless, look at Evolve, seriously. They all came together and did what they could, they even made a petition (I signed it). It still wasn’t enough, in the end it was 2K’s decision. My point is that the best this community can do is come together, fight for the game you love, try… thats really all that can be done. The rest is up to GBX/2K.


Yeah, i just noticed that i somehow quoted the wrong thing, and already fixed it. Some weird @system hiccup for you posting as i was qouting would be my guess, but who knows?



All good!

I believe we should continue to push until there’s some actual evidence we’ve been heard. We still haven’t even gotten an explanation for why they didn’t even see it fit to tell us there wouldn’t be a Battleplan. I don’t know about you, but I find that level of disregard insulting.

It’s gotten us nowhere because from day one valid attempts to raise concerns over issues have been drowned out by “no actually this is fine.” I respect where you’re attempting to come from but in my opinion it’s yet another extension of that. At no point in this game’s development has Gearbox shown a proper sense of urgency for major issues. Look no further than Galilea who has been unbalanced for literally over an entire year as evidence of this. As a community we’ve allowed them to be complacent. If that doesn’t end now, it’s over.

My biggest issue is that I feel the sense of urgency has been absent for a long time. I just don’t believe Gearbox understands the importance of balance and how crucial it is to player retention and how crucial consistent change is to keeping players engaged and coming back. The Winter Update largely ignored balance (serving to actually make it worse in the process in my opinion due to the gear buffs, Orendi buffs, and introduction of Beatrix) and when I raised that concern I was drowned out by a chorus of “this patch isn’t a balance patch.” Every patch should be a balance patch, it’s extremely important. This is especially true with how infrequently the game addresses issues. The game saw a big resurgence in population after the update and Gearbox responded by significantly decreasing the frequency of hotfixes. Wanting to stablize the meta for Choctaw was reasonable enough (although legendaries weren’t available in Choctaw so there’s no real excuse those weren’t addressed imo) but then they somehow had nothing prepared after the fact. They had a real opportunity after the Winter Update that they squandered by ignoring balance and now we’ve seen a major drop off. Problems like this shouldn’t persist this long.


Honestly, though, im sure I’ll come back to it, but I’ve BARELY been feeling Battleborn since last week.

I KNOW that at any given time I could find a team and hop on to it, but I feel like my 1300 hours are finally catching up to me.

It’s nothing about the game or Gearbox at all.

I honestly believe I’d be feeling this way right now even if every single problem and issue currently facing Battleborn and its community had been solved satisfactorily.

Between school, catching up on a bunch of movies I hadn’t seen yet, new stuff on Netflix, and Ghost Recon Wildlands quickly taking over my gaming time, I think I’m at least 85 percent done with Battleborn for the foreseeable future.

I am quite sure that it will be refreshing to take a break and step back on it for a while.


As you probably figure, I was demoralized a long time ago by the Australian server issues and the Winter Update (that infamous Mellka nerf on the same day… I was so excited about playing in 60fps too.) And I guess my own sense of defeat is more widely-held now.

I know BB can’t recover in Australia. Still chance for you guys, though!



We are the angry mob.

We are frightening.



I’m obviously not inside your head, but I think there may be more to it than you may realize. If they were more consistently making changes, the game could still feel fresh. Truth is, aside from the addition of Beatrix and insane buffs to a bunch of gear (which again, at least in my opinion, made the game less fun), the meta hasn’t been remotely altered since like October. It grew stale a while ago. That’s why I was so disappointed to see how little was done balance-wise in the Winter Update. You absolutely might be right that it’s simply the matter of 1300 hours catching up, that’s a lot of hours no doubt, but you certainly wouldn’t be alone if you were simply tired of the meta at this point. I know I am.

Not without progress :slight_smile: