No Battleplan : 05/11/17

Define large. lol I’m sorry :neutral_face:

of considerable or relatively great size, extent, or capacity.

@reliikki I get it, it can keep the people who are hooked (which makes sense I guess), but not so much the new people just trying out.

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Player retention has always been an issue (and even the devs have said as much on numerous occasions) but recently the game has lost even a lot of the most devoted due to this recent period of no hotfixes.


Well relative to its competitors it is not considerably great in either size, extent or capacity as far as player base goes.


Yes because the 20 minute queue times is lots of players.

I can get into a Mass effect 3 multiplayer match in 3 minutes from a game released in early 2012.

Paladins can get a match on average 20 seconds.

I played BB 2 days ago. Incursion took 14 minutes, Quick match about12-25 minutes.

This game doesn’t have tons of players. PC and Australia can testify to that.

X1 and PS4 HAVE been losing players. I’m pretty sure everyone agrees the playerbase is small


I’ll just leave it here
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20 minutes? My queue times are way shorter than that!

It’s not big, but for me personally it’s big enough that I’m getting mostly decent queue times and am finding people I know a lot!

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That is the opposite of a large playerbase.

If you’re constantly matching against people you know frequently it means the population is very low

Edit: In games like CoD or BF you won’t recognize majority of the players.

Heck even playing Dragon Age inquisition for 5 months now i still don’t recognize most players


Or I know a lot of people :joy:

It’s not typical, but I frequently have to wait that long logging on in the afternoon CST. That does include issues with games that do not start, connection drops and the ever present trying to find that solo number 5.

Enough people have also discovered that if you drop out of the game before the character select it will not start the game and there is no way to be reported. Dodging has become a regular fixture on PS4 because of the low population. So many people are recognizable that game drops are just about as common as they were before Gearbox hid CR’s.

Weekdays or weekends? I’ve noticed that queues on XB1 can be reasonable mid-afternoon weekdays, deteriorate suddenly around the 5 pm EST mark, and pick up again from about 6 pm onwards. Also, if any of them are on mic, the apparent age range jumps remarkably - can’t think why! :open_mouth:

Weekdays, I don’t get much playtime on the weekends anymore due to life and the avoidance of the Sat Draft queue.

I’m guessing the age range jumps because older people are just getting off work and the younger ones are settling in for the night.

GBX can make servers, but they can’t make players. Wait times are long because of a lack of players. (GBX uses Amazon cloud, at least for the North American servers, so they can spin up as many as needed on demand. Destiny does the same thing, as I’m sure many other on-line games do now.)

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maybe gbx need to populate the servers with players and first of all i am from germany i downt care how the servers work make the game great not a shallow

How? Seriously, if you have answers for that question, please share.

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rolling on floor laughing

Many many new players dont understand the game idk if they decide to ignore nova or what…

I saw a new rath who dodged everyone and dived the sentey 5 times over and over and you wonder how many times you need to do the same stupid sht before you learn…?

By the 8-10 death when respown times gets longer he quits and im here like… Wtf just happened?

Yeah player retention is an isseu, idk why that could be and idk how to help the game.

Jythri as surfaced today. Talking about old music themes. And that the next update is “content locked”. Whetever that means.

My guess is, everything was already added to the new update coming out and nothing else can be added (so it’s content locked). There was another post of jythri stating that there was already another update already in the works after this one so that means that this upcoming update can already be in the certification process… any day now? If so then we can expect a BP tomorrow

to make game free to download for a day (giveaway)