No Battleplan : 05/11/17

“content locked” The optimist in me wants to believe that means we in cert. process but I see no reason to prematurely get my hopes up.

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Joined 3 hours ago? Oh boy do you have a LOT to catch up.

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I don’t either, but I’m working on writing a tutorial, how basic concepts of this game can be practiced by utilizing character descriptions (ingame and third party), Dojo and private and public bot matches. Ran into too many people who call everything but the real PvP useless because you can’t learn tactics - which is true, but the game has more layers you can improve on first and viable tactics are easier to learn e.g., when you don’t flee directly into the enemy base anymore.

It helped me to have more fun in the PvP of this game after I had better knowledge about the gamemodes and maps and maybe one or two people stumble across it and find it helpful too.


What are they repeating ? They haven’t finished whatever they’re working on (correct me if I’m wrong, though to my knowledge to huge update has been released yet) . so please tell me what is it they keep repeating ? Battleplans have nothing to do with gameplay so don’t mentioned the battleplans either. Keep in mind, Battleplans are a courtesy and not required. These people take their time out from their day to provide such information.



I am warning you guys, the Toxicity is well…

Replace Mediclhorians with toxicity. Thats all I can say.


We have a rather big group of Overwatch-players posting in the Off-topic section, and Overwatch-topic too.

Most OW-talk happens in the Random-Talk-thread and game-thread though.

Feel free to post anything regarding OW in a seperate topic in the correct section.

Just leaving a link and advertising it in a topic that is a discussion about the lack of a Battleplan is simply off-topic.


They’re repeating a pattern of behavior in which try don’t address core issues in a timely manner and they continually demonstrate that they don’t understand the importance of balancing by treating it as something that can be done every few months while major imbalances linger.

Do you think they did Battleplans out of the kindness of their hearts? They’re an attempt to keep the community engaged and the lack of fixes had decimated engagement.


You really should remove Overwatch topics completely here. It’s gotta be against the rules.

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Oddly enough, it’s not. As long as it’s in an appropriate section, and individual posts stay within the forum rules, you can discuss OW, Heroes of the Storm, Paladins, …

Emojis alone are not enough for this one. I need words to point out that the bolding is my doing because that’s some seriously funny sh*t! I’m out of breath and have stomach cramps as I write this because I’ve been laughing sooooo hard.:smile_cat:


You laugh, but I have done exactly that (having got completely turned around in a nasty encounter). Naturally, the enemy turrets showed me the error of my ways soon enough…


And that’s what makes it soo funny because it’s probably happened to all of us at one point or another. And it’s ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS to watch because you know what is happening and you want to feel bad but you can’t help yourself from cracking up!:smile_cat:


I fully expect I’ll do it again. The other day, I based my fleeing in meltdown on the direction the blue minions were headed. Except they then turned around and headed in the same direction as me. Apparently, they’d turned to fight someone or something that had got behind them, and were now resuming their death march towards the enemy camp. As Charlie Brown would say, “Auuuuuuuuuuuuugh!”


It is funny unless it’s one of your teammates. :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously, navigating the maps can be the worst when you start to panic and that’s one thing you can learn best outside of the real PvP imho when panic doesn’t happen that much.


They’re fully capable of nerfing the duration of Beatrix’s silence, the cooldown of her Fulminate ability, the damage amplification totals on Bola’s Target Finder, etc. in a hotfix. The reality is these are issues that have not been addressed in a timely manner.


How do you know this to be a fact? Are you a secret Gearbox employee w/ insider information? If not then what is your source?


Do you have any experience in coding? If so you should know that adding a small change can screw everything for their future patch.

They would need to hot fix then make sure it doesnt bug anything if it does they would need to patch the patch.

Also man power, they probably lost a lot of man power with the current status, so slower fixes should be expected.

Read Jythri’s quoted explanation of what can be done in a hotfix in the very post I responded to. If that isn’t enough for you, read this post by Jythri on the reddit in which he acknowledges that Beatrix’s silence can be adjusted in a hotfix but they simply don’t want to monitor it currently.


@j_kay_13 @studdugie

There’s an easy way to check to see if these can be changed in a hotfix or not. Check previous Battleplans. If they’ve been tweaked without a major patch in the notes than it’s server information that can be changed anytime they want.