No BC or HC option?

Would this option be welcome? No BC or HC option in MP?


absolutely yes!

maybe a nerf option too

yes, i would like to play on that mode.

Just played a no bc game and it was fun. Of course, it was a long running battle involving DD battles with frigs and smaller supporting, but it took a lot of coordination since it was a skilled 3v3 on Crimson.

I love BC’s and even I would support this option. Would this also ban shipyards?

No, very doubtful.

I’d appreciate a mode that makes all ion cannons on ion frigates and above the same gun. Don’t know how to really fix the trinity cannon relative to that though.

This idea never crossed my mind but I guess it will make some interesting games to put more focus on smaller ships, especially frigs taking more important roles. DD rush with shipyard ftw :laughing:

Well, I have played some games with no BC and it essentially became a DD and frig fest. Mostly, it was who can pump out the most DD’s and micromanage the fleet battles better.

It was definitely fun and way more involved when it came to communicating and waging war on each other. I can imagine it being even more fun as balance changes are introduced eventually.

The trinity canon is very-much different to an ion cannon… Closer to plasma bomb technology, me thinks.

@BitVenom @thisquietreverie

What do you guys think of having a no BC option?

I already wrote the code in the Balance Mod, I intend it to be integrated into the main game for folk who would like that sort of thing.


Awesome… Although, Scole, is it possible for a strike-craft only option to be included? So construction of combat frigates and above are limited, however, the production of carriers, support frigates, defense field frigates, non-combat ships etc. are still permitted?

I’d love that.

Friggin suh-weet

Yeah, I already did some of that work too for the Balance stuff. Maybe if I can carve out some time because it does sound fun. Using the new props system it would be just a matter of adding in a new properties file for each race.

Not exactly what you’re after but enough for a template, an example of what the Hiigaran props file would resemble:

dm_fightersonly_build_restrict = "Hgn_MS_Production_Corvette,Hgn_C_Production_Corvette,Hgn_MS_Production_Frigate,Hgn_C_Production_Frigate,Hgn_MS_Production_CapShip,Hgn_SY_Production_CapShip",
dm_fightersonly_research_restrict = "",
dm_fightersandvettesonly_build_restrict = "Hgn_MS_Production_Frigate,Hgn_C_Production_Frigate,Hgn_MS_Production_CapShip,Hgn_SY_Production_CapShip",
dm_fightersandvettesonly_research_restrict = "",
dm_vettesonly_build_restrict = "Hgn_MS_Production_Fighter,Hgn_C_Production_Fighter,Hgn_MS_Production_Frigate,Hgn_C_Production_Frigate,Hgn_MS_Production_CapShip,Hgn_SY_Production_CapShip",
dm_vettesonly_research_restrict = "",
dm_frigatesonly_build_restrict = "HGN_SCOUT,Hgn_MS_Production_Fighter,Hgn_C_Production_Fighter,Hgn_MS_Production_Corvette,Hgn_C_Production_Corvette,Hgn_MS_Production_CapShip,Hgn_SY_Production_CapShip",
dm_frigatesonly_research_restrict = "",
dm_destroyersonly_build_restrict = "HGN_SCOUT,Hgn_MS_Production_Fighter,Hgn_C_Production_Fighter,Hgn_MS_Production_Corvette,Hgn_C_Production_Corvette,Hgn_MS_Production_Frigate,Hgn_C_Production_Frigate,Hgn_Carrier",
dm_destroyersonly_research_restrict = "",
dm_disablebuilding_build_restrict = "HGN_SCOUT,Hgn_MS_Production_Fighter,Hgn_C_Production_Fighter,Hgn_MS_Production_Corvette,Hgn_C_Production_Corvette,Hgn_MS_Production_Frigate,Hgn_C_Production_Frigate,Hgn_MS_Production_CapShip,Hgn_SY_Production_CapShip,Hgn_C_Module_Hyperspace,Hgn_MS_Module_Hyperspace",
dm_disablebuilding__research_restrict = "",

I went ahead and wrote this gametype, it’s pretty fun.

Thanks! :smiley:
Can’t wait to try it!