No Bloody Harvest loot in 15 Haunt kills

What’s going on? Am I doing something wrong?

Each run (killing skulls and Haunt) I get between 2-3 Legendaries, none of which are the Bloody Harvest loot.

I have noticed that any shield I get is the Rough Rider (this has dropped 4 times) and any sniper I get is the Malak’s Bane (3 times).

The worst part is that all Legendaries are dropping with pointless “terrified” anointed perks.

I’m online and M3. Any tips?

Edit: as many have pointed out, the loot drops from ghosts at a much better rate. I farmed Voracious Canopy waterfall for about an hour and got everything except the shield. It wasn’t fun.

I once farmed Savage Lee for 3 hours straight to get the perfect DP UH, and I never once complained. I eventually got the DP prefix with the grip I wanted, and used it to wreck Hyperius to get the Norfleet. And so on.

I think Gearbox has lost sight of what made BL2 so fun.

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