No body joins my game

I wonder if there’s a reason no one joins my game? I just beat TVHM this week and not one time has anyone joined me. Now I’m on TVHM Mayhem 3 and still no body joins? The fun of borderlands is playing with other people… what gives ?

Also I want add, why is lost loot only like 13? On TVHM mayhem 3 you get literally hundreds of blues and purples constantly.

Why are you bothering with blues and purples in mayhem 3?

To sell. It’s costing me 2 million per death lol I know the more I have the more it costs but I like being rich. Anyway that’s so not the point here

I mean it is, you can manage your inventory easily if you don’t pick up trash items.

I meant it was a little add on. My main post is about people not joining. I manage my inventory just fine now after my vault was wiped. I’m asking why when the game is advertised as a billion guns and you get literally a billion guns on mayhem 3 then why is there only 13 spots in lost loot? My inventory management has nothing to do with it.

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If you managed your inventory well you wouldn’t need more than a few spots from lost loot, and when you do it’s only occasionally. Getting SDU’s is suuuper easy without hording blues and purples to sell.

You’re completely missing the point. I manage my inventory just fine. I want to pick stuff up to sell. Once I’ve got 25 blues and purples which is after about 3 fights, then lost loot only picks up 13, I’m potentially loosing millions of $. You need to get my inventory management out of your head pal, it has nothing to do with what I’m asking. My inventory is fine. We’re discussing lost money here.

Anyway. Why does no one join my game?

It’s not “personal” I’m not thinking about your personal inventory here, it applies to anyone. Don’t be so sensitive.

And yes, it does come down to how people manage their inventory, but clearly you don’t want a solution to a “problem” you brought up yourself. Have fun.

Yeah I thought I was clear that I’m done trying to convince you. You ask a question but then get all defensive when someone gives you an answer. You’ve already made up your mind, and I thought I was clear in my last post that I was done trying to convince you of anything. Making that clear now I hope.

You’re assuming I’m not dropping the guns worth 8k and picking up the guns worth 60k. You’re wrong. But the point you made about it being for the really good guns and not for trash is a fair point. You could have said that from the start. Again. My inventory management is fine. I’ve played 5 days 26 mins total. I know the mechanics and how the game works. The question stands. Why only 13. Your answer if it’s for legendaries is a good one, but in an hour play time I have more than 13 legendaries drop so I guess I will have to just stop selling guns. Cheers

Talk about the game, not one another. Please read the FORUM RULES and specifically the bits about disengaging rather than prolonging arguments. Thanks.

@carl_thegooner - there are several Discourse and PS4/XB1 communities you may wish to join which might make finding on-line partners easier. There are also the on-line play and trading sections here where you can look for people to run particular maps/modes.

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