No Bonus Damage on Crits?

Eins Zwei Die… well, worked fine with normal shots being boosted, but when I was playing the Montana and the Demon Bear Operation with him, the crits (at LvL 7, no attack boosting gear) always made 680 Damage, even if it was the shots that should trigger the Bonus Damage.

I know getting bonus Damage on the Crits wasn’t a Problem… then again he used to have a bonus of 50%.

So the question is, was THAT intended ( part of a Hotfix / Update I missed) or was that a Glitch?

The main bullet and 123 are considered 2 instances of damage, it’s just that 123 happens so fast after the main bullet that when you see the pop up numbers it shows only one number. So for an analogy (which I’ve been told I’m bad at) think of it as if he is shooting two bullets when 123 procs. If the first bullet kills the enemy it shows a number, but then I shoot the second bullet at the dead body and no number pops up because they’re already dead.

So if in your case the 680 damage kills the enemy before 123 can proc, then only the 680 number will show.

I can try and explain it again if it doesn’t make sense.

I had to read it like 3 times… but now I got it.

Rewatched the Video and found proof that its still working (a boosted critical Vs a Varelsi Defiler).

So… if they have only a pinch of Life and the critical overkills them, the game doesn’t bother to show the Bonus Damage since the Base Value is already enough.

Very weird… but at least this wasn’t some sort of stealth nerf :smile:

It never came to my mind the game would see it as “two damage instances”…

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