No Borderlands 2: Commander Lilith & the Fight for Sanctuary for Xbox 360?

I apologize if this has been answered. But is there a definitive answer on if the new DLC is available for people who installed their XBOX360 copy onto their Xbox One and are using it via backwards compatibility? If so, could someone possibly post instructions? Thank you in advance from a newbie!

Paging @Noelle_GBX - can you check on this please? Appreciated!

Many thanks for the directional assist! I will trepidatiously await @Noelle_GBX 's reply!

Interesting. I’m still playing on PS3 so I guess that means I will have to continue to sit this one out. Bummer, I really was looking forward to that new level cap. My Gaige Builds would have loved it. Lol. Although I still confidently feel like I’m one of the only if not very, very few other people who even bother to play a Gaige to any length. The memory concern is especially interesting for the PS3 version, though. Is it an issue of the actual processing capability or the hard drive space? Because I can almost guarantee it isn’t a hard drive space issue. You can load up to a 1TB internal hard drive into a PS3, maybe larger, but I can only speak for the 1TB drive.

It’s a RAM issue, not a drive space issue. The game has to run with in some % of the system memory, and it has to be able to handle a bunch of data and information. Some of that can be swapped in/out from virtual memory on disk, but that slows the game down.

Understood. Thanks for breaking that down for me, this information really cleared things up. Although I am still sad about this I’m still going to try to theorycraft some builds and maybe even go back to some old challenge threads and see if they hold up with this new addition to the game, especially these extra skill points. I can’t be too upset either. Lol. There’s no possible way Gearbox could have known that people would STILL be playing this game this far from it’s original release date. I mean it spans 2 generations at this point. Thanks again.

But why wouldn’t this work for someone who installed Borderlands 2 onto their xbox one from their xbox 360 disk? It’s running on the xbox one so why is memory still a restriction?

Of course fans are going to have these old copies. Why would I drop another 60-70$ on a game I already have just so I can have a copy on a next gen console? This is super disappointing, I feel like I’m being extorted into buying the handsome collection.

Good morning @VaultHunter101 !

I’ve noticed a few more posts on this thread, but not a definitive answer just yet. Did I miss something or are we still in a holding pattern on an answer from @Noelle_GBX ? You had mentioned a RAM issue in a reply, so I wasn’t sure if you had obtained an answer yet or not.

Either way I appreciate the work on your part, answer or no answer. If you have any, even speculation at this point, I would love to hear it, as my Gaige is desirous of that level increase! She has been maxed out for a while now like @KhrashingPhantom 's character.

Many thanks!!!

I haven’t heard anything else, and I should add that the mention of the memory issue above is part recollection from the HH packs, part speculation. There’s also the fact that MS aren’t officially supporting the 360 any more (as I found out when I tried to contact them about a different issue.) I have no idea why the b/c version couldn’t updated to access the new DLC, unless it’s still effectively limited by the same RAM constraints as the physical version - I would guess MS built some expectations into the Virtual 360 code based off the original hardware.

Hey i play borderlands 2 on x box 360 and i was wondering why the fight for sanctuary dlc isnt on my dlc list?? Super bummed out because of this… Please help

Moved you to a relevant thread - see the posts above. It looks like the new DLC requires the Handsome Collection version of the game on console.

Thank you for the reply, though it is supremely disappointing. I guess I get to buy another copy of a game I already own.

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Handsome collection is on gamepass so if the $1 sale is still going on it may be worth the price there for 8+ hours of content!

@killian9696 Yeah I’ve actually been theory crafting some builds using these extra skill points, but I can’t actually test them since I can’t play the DLC. If there’s anyone you know who’s willing to test them for me and give their feedback I’d really appreciate them. Also it’s always good to see a fellow Gaige player even though we seem to be VERY few and far between. I’ve been playing her for years and she was the 1st character I made it through UVHM and up to OP5 with before I got frustated with how difficult it is to play past OP5 with her. I struggled hard, but I did make it through OP8 with her. And never went back to OP8. LOL. If you’ve been around for any length you may have seen me lobby for her during the early days of the UCP. Anyway sorry to talk you to death, but if you want you can check out the “Gaige Needs Help” thread if you want to see what I’ve been requesting for her and some of the build people suggested in the past. I think they’re there as well.

@KhrashingPhantom I will take a look! On which platform do you play?

After all of this, I decided to just give in to Gearbox, minimally but still, and I purchased the Handsome Collection on the Xbox One. Until today, I was operating under the assumption that the Handsome Collection was priced much like a “new-ish” game. However, I was very, Very, VERY incorrect! You may want to consider this @KhrashingPhantom and @unius13 and @supersoldier1924 .

As of right now, Xbox One, (Not sure about PC & PS4) has, the normally priced HC of $59.99 on SALE for 85% off for a total of $9.00 + taxes and fees! My total came to $9.67 for the ENTIRE collection!

It includes Borderlands 2 game, PLUS ALL

DLC- Captain Scarlett, Campaign of Carnage, Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt, Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon’s Keep.

ALL the Headhunter Packs- Bloody Harvest, Wattle Gobbler, Mercenary Day, Wedding Day Massacre, and Son of Crawermax.

It also includes the Digistruct Peak. The two “new” classes: Mechromancer and Psycho. Additionally, both Ultimate Vault Hunter packs.

As for Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, it includes the game. PLUS…
ALL DLC: Shock Trap Slaughter Pit, Handsome Jack Doppleganger Pack and CLASS, The Holodome Onslaught, Lady Hammerlock Baroness CLASS, and the Clap-tastic Voyage

Obviously, it also includes each and every Level Cap expansion for both games.

HOWEVER, you would need to download Commander Lilith and the Fight for Sanctuary SEPERATELY. It is FREE as of now, but it looks like that will only be the case until July 8th!

So after all of that, I would absolutely like to thank @VaultHunter101 for all of your help in this convoluted process. It was a lot of help having you guide us through. Many thanks!

Happy looting everyone!

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Yes I understand Handsome collection has all the DLC and headhunter content. My point is…all the things you listed, I already own. I already own that content for my copy of Borderlands 2 on xbox 360. So again, @killian9696 I see no reason to buy what I already own. I still have no reason to thank anyone because I’m still in a position where I’m going to have to re-purchase stuff that I already have. Thanks for nothing.

@killian9696 Thanks for all the info. I didn’t know the Handsome Collection included so much! Wow. And for only $11.00 roughly that isn’t bad at all. Unfortunately I’m still playing on PS3 so the Handsome Collection is unavailable to me. No offense to any who’s switched over, but I REFUSE to buy any next gen system at this point, especially not a PS4, and Xbox One isn’t too far behind. I viscerally hate this most recent generation of console and really the state of gaming as a whole aside from a few stand alone games (Borderlands 3 for example. Lol. But I will continue to just play on my PS3 and test some stuff from there. I’ll only be able to theory craft some builds, but I won’t be able to play them. It’s cool though. I really like this community and I want to do whatever I can to help. Either way thank you for the info again and sorry about the semi rant. It’s still kind of a soft spot for me. Oh and good luck in the new DLC and happy hunting.

You are absolutely correct. Complaining costs you nothing, HC costs $9. Since obviously you expect me to know everything that you own, and people to help you for free, I’m happy to spend time elsewhere talking to actual gamers. You are most welcome for the help. Have a great night and best of luck!

I completely understand your hesitation to get a One or 4. I wouldn’t have one except my wife was adamant to wanting to play Fallout 4. Heh.

I do apologize for not quite catching your full post earlier. I was working under the thought that you had a 4, but just had not picked up a copy of BL2 for it. Prior to tonight, I had both the 360 and the One consoles, but only had the 360 copy of the game.

I currently have been working through about a 50ish level “Zero” on my 360. I will be porting them onto the HC on my One, but they are only a copy and I’ll still be maintaining my characters on my 360 to play with those of my gamer friends who do not have a One. Do you have a 360 at all or are you a Sony player? If you do happen to have a 360, I’d love to game sometime. I also would be happy to test anything you would like me to do with a high level Gaige if you are interested. Just let me know!

Either way, I wish you all the best! Happy hunting!

It’s okay, there’s a lot of posts going around. Sorry but I’m Sony all the way. Lol. I totally get getting next gen to play Fallout 4. I almost broke down to do the same thing. If I’m not playing BL2 I’m definitely playing Bethesda’s trifect (Fallout 3/ Fallout New Vegas/Skyrim).
If I ever do get an Xbox 360 I’ll be sure to let you know. As for a build you could test this one out for me.


Weapons: Grogg Nozzle/The Storm/The Hail (Shock)/The Twister those are primary, but you can choose whatever electrical or fitting weapon you’re comfortable with. Those are just the ones I’ve used before. Also The Pimpernel and The Longbow also work pretty well for this. Although be sure to have a weapon to use against electrical enemies
Shields: The Transformer/The Black Hole/The Antagonist/The Evolution
The primary options are The Blackhole and The Transformer. I really have the most fun with The Black Hole. Sometimes I’ll use a Hide of Terramorphus with this build since the nova kicks pretty hard and Deathtrap absolutely wrecks with it. Although what you can do to give him the Hide of Terramorphus is to equip it when you summon him, then change your shield to whatever you want. He keeps the Hide and you can go on about your business.
Relic: Bone of the Ancients (Shock)
The Bone of the Ancients is pretty essential, but I have played lower levels with The Blood of the Ancients and The Blood of Terramorphus do work but I typically go with the relic above
Grenade Mod: The Storm Front/Chain Lighting/The Quasar
Sometimes I’ll use shock transfusion grenades as well.
Class Mod: Legendary Catalyst
If you don’t have that a purple catalyst can work as well. Also a blue Zapper class mod with +6 to Wires Don’t Talk and +5 to Electrical Burn is pretty good. The Legendary Anarchist class mod is okay for this build, but not optimal. Well see if you can give that a try an let me know how it goes. Thanks again and good luck.