No Borderlands 3 at E3

I really hope this is not so however it seems legit.

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Legit is when Randy Pitchford states outright on Twitter that there will be NO BORDERLANDS 3 AT E3.


It ain’t likely coming out this year either.


Maybe I’m old fashioned but if Randy was to state, in plain language and not double-speak, that Borderlands 3 will not be at E3, I would accept him at his word. I would then move on with little concern as to when it was going to be announced as an actual living entity or subsequently of it’s release date. In saying that as: “A representative from Gearbox Software announced to a room of journalists earlier today that there will be no Borderlands presence at E3 whatsoever”, that’ll do as well.

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Not to be a grammar nerd, but he doesn’t state outright, he is simply proposing that if he did state outright it would be questioned. He’s providing an anecdote as evidence, he is not making the statement directly whatsoever.

I read the linked thread. Pretty sad the way some folks responded. This is why I don’t do “social” media - it’s often more antisocial than it is social.


Yeah. Not pretty.

I’m frankly astonished (not astonished at all) at the lack of insight on display there.

Like, can people not see the link between the furore about previous games changing over their development cycle and the lack of info about BL3?


Grammar nerd these. Both comments are in response to rumours about Borderlands 3 being shown at E3. One from GameInformer and the other from @MentalMars. :stuck_out_tongue:


Twitter has never been a place where grammar or spelling reigns supreme, Once you post something, your choices are either to delete it and repost or regret those mistakes you made for all eternity.

Randy has a round about way of saying things, but his intent was likely to prove a point that regardless of how he said it, folks would find a way to make it out like he’s pulling a magic trick over them. Randy likes to remember PI and card tricks, not word games :stuck_out_tongue:


I didn’t say anything about what was true or false ( on purpose ), just grammar.:wink:

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Read the news. Such a shame that there going to miss out on a big stage for the game that everyone wants. I can understand that it might not be ready but at least show something like a another tech demo or something else for us to look forward to while were waiting. At least do that. That way you can keep the fans savilating for it.

Well, supposedly since he only Said “borderlands 3” many people think the new game just won’t be called borderlands 3. Plus gearbox just renewed their ownership of the name Borderworlds. And they confirmed that the next borderlands would be on multiple planets.

And…Borderworlds is Gearbox’s collaborative fiction app from a few years ago.

The domain name or something else? Because if it’s the domain name, you do NOT want to let that lapse even if you never intend to use it again. Too many lapsed domains are now in the hands of cyber-squatters serving up all manner of crud to unsuspecting visitors following old links and search results.

Although the possibilities are definitely intriguing - a many-worlds Borderlands game tied in with collaborative fiction? Mmmm…

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I actually don’t know. My brother who is very speculative, told me that. He said a bunch of his evidence came from twitter. Supposedly Randy Pitchford either liked or replied to a tweet saying " I don’t think Borderlands 3 will be at e3. I think Gearbox is going to have a game with the word ‘border’ in it" or something like that. Don’t believe everything I say, cause most likely most of it’s wrong.

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Well, neither of those statements is incompatible with Borderlands 3 (or whatever it’s going to be called) being in development for a release date next year!

They’ve never debuted a Borderlands game at E3 before. They will do it at a time of their own choosing.

So they could still choose do it E3 if they wanted too. It is 100% their choice as to when and where they decide to reveal/debut/unveil it.

Actually I like all this speculation about the reveal. So what if it does not come true, it is fun to speculate and not hurting anyone. Besides I am really thinking about firing up BL2 after a long break and that would not have happened without this piqued interest in a new announcement. If it doesn’t happen people will be missed/pissed or whatever but they will get over it and wait for the next glimmer of hope.

Well I for one am interested in what GBX do actually have to say at E3 even if it’s not Borderlands-related, especially now that they’re publishers as well as developers.