No broken hearts anywhere

Hot fixes apllied appers in main menu. DLC is on . I tried literaly on every location find any , switched game modes, tried change mayhem levels, even reinstall game , but nothing . Nothing is working for me

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Are you getting the event on/off menu item in the game menus and an updated event tab in your echo, at least?

I have the same problem no matter where I go or who I kill there’s no hearts anywhere

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The hearts should be circling around enemies shortly after they spawn in. They don’t come out after killing an enemy. I have noticed that sometimes the hearts will glitch into the ceiling if it’s low.

There is the same problem. Hotfixes apllied appears and i turn event on but nothing happened

You’ll need to file a support ticket unfortunately - I’m not sure why the hearts would not be appearing for you unless your game was using a cached copy of a previous hotfix.

Yes, of course

It’s ridiculous but I disabled event and hearts appers … Wow! Who would know

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