No character specific legendary

I’ve completed all lore challenges of marquis, but didn’t get his special legendary item.
I’ve looked for the requirements for master of marquis and the lore challenge weren’t counted.
Lore Challenges
Gear (no legendary yet)
thx in advance

I think for master you also need to complete a match as a level 15 with said character.

Yeah, i know that, but i really want the legendary item. Char Level 15 isnt a requirement for that, right?

I looked and I don’t think so. Apparently the item not being given is a common issue.

I have saw some players with this issue, with diferent characters, other guy and I have this same problem with Montana thread here

Thanks for your reply, i hope they’ll fix it any time soon.

Same problem here but for Ambra stuck at 3/5 : (