No class mod that help in team Situations

I was noticing that in every borderlands except for borderlands 3 there are class mods that help when you’re in a team. I feel that for some mod to help team Environment Could be very beneficial. For example could have team ammo Regeneration or health regeneration or some sort of team damage . I think they should fone this it make more fun as well.


Not that I’m against it but when every vault hunter can rolfstomp every content solo things like these seems redundant. It would just add things people would barley if ever use.

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I understand where your coming from but it still be nice have ammo or health regen when I’m using my fakk or moze

I was surprised at the lack of cooperation-themed COMs too.

honestly they weren’t even popular before, simply because its not that effective for team play . imagine telling sniper zero to wear killer com instead of chaotic neutral / sniper com lol .

I would love to see “Team” COMs return but they would need to figure out how to balance the benefits. The Nuese COM for Maya in BL2 was all over the place. TVHM it was great then UVHM it was awful. Early OP levels it was great if you where around 1 to 4 and got an OP com then past that it was junk again. Such a rollercoaster. If they did do something like nurse I hope it is like team life steal on ASE.

Almost every VH has something that will offer direct or indirect benefits to the team weather it be a pet or clone that tanks or a skill that spits healing orbs at players in need. Finding the synergies to make them work well in a team can take a bit of testing but some of the combos can be great.

Just try to tell me to put Legendary Binder on over the legendary Siren lol.

i find cdr very unneeded in bl2 , its pretty abundance . u get 4X% from bone and most likely able get the rest through skill tree and class mod lol .

Legendary Killer was actually a great COM. Not to mention the insane synergy between the Killer and Legendary Reaper. To negate Krieg’s crit penalty, and double the duration of Killer and F0ll0wthr0ugh was an awesome co-op setup. Legendary Binder provided damn near the same DPS as Siren in most cases and more in some.

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I’m more disappointed generally in the lack of coop skills in this game. I guess GBX saw that some people moaned about Aurelia’s red tree or falsely claimed that it was terrible solo and decided against it.

There are a few skills that benefit team mates but it seems like an afterthought - you take a skill because it benefits yourself and anything extra is gravy.


youre just using a worse zero build to enhance krieg honestly but its fine youre both will still thing fairly quickly .

idk bout binder vs siren, but 4X% gun damage bonus seems way better than +5Wreck

Considering most Class Mods are garbage, why would they add non-viable team mods to dilute the loot pool with more garbage?

Almost all class mods suck in this game, period.

(Sorry. Sad, but true.)

Almost all for Zane but the other VHs have choices.Moze can use all her COMs actually.

Every class has a handful of garbage mods that is useless or broken, Zane/Fl4k just have more. Fl4k has very few that are even decent. Zane’s go-to COM is pretty much 2 of Fl4ks mods combined into one(BH+Stalker).

Amara has a few trash as well, Moze went good after buff I guess, never started her.

Needless to say over 60% of legendary class mods combined are vendor trash while all non-legendary are 100% trash.

BL3’s legendary com selection pretty much sucks compared to every other BL game (save Moze as per @Anarchy4ever)

Worst part is they sucked since day one and never touched after.

Need class mod that has “+% damage when alone in party” and “+% damage per person in party” ez day

Would love to see some team class mods too. Often checked for one and had it in back pack ready for random coop in previous games. If stats arent cut down intentionally to normalize when all 4 players wear one mod can be good. Just dont hold back and make it overpowered to tune down later if needed.