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Hello everyone. I’m an experienced Battleborn player with 1029 matches played and 12 characters mastered. I’m not the best player but I am past the core concepts and have my own min maxing meta strategies. I tried to get my friends to get the game at launch but I was the only one I knew who had it for Xbox. I have since met a few players and we team up periodically and generally do well, and what losses we do have are usually pretty close. However with the population issues and not having many friends with the game I often wind up trying to solo queue in pvp.

This is where the real problem begins. I know that as of this post they have announced changes that may or may not help this issue but I will no longer play battleborn without a party, and I will tell you why. At best I will get 2 players with comparable skill level to mine and we might be able to carry the other two noobs we got matched with against a similar team. At worst I get stuck with 4 green players, who don’t communicate against a premade team of try hards. It is a struggle at the best of times and a exercise in frustration and futility at the worst. I have yet to find the character who can carry 4 almost useless players. Although I got close as kid ultra before they broke his bola. Maybe a separate solo queue? But that would just split the already dwindling player base. It seems unfair for a party of 5 to match up against random match ups.

I have completed all the story and ops many times and I love this game but I am running out of reasons to play it. Send me an invite and I would love to play, even if you are not good. Just having team communication makes the game worth playing. Otherwise you probably won’t see me in the queues until the new update.

What can I say - see you in a week or two then ¯_(ツ)_/¯


You dropped an arm there


I’ll call the doctor.


When I click edit, I see the arm, but in a post it doesn’t show - pure magic!

Try it with extra arms. Could need one or two more. Likely two more

I don’t really see the problem. I only play with randoms and I can’t remember the last time I used the mic and I win 9 out of 10 matches.

I always try hard even if my team sucks. But usually they just stay behind the tank and hopefully follow my lead.

Either way if I have a good score at the end I’m happy.

Orendi, benedict, galth are strong characters.

Orendi spikes lvl 4,5,9
Benedict 3,7
Galth 3 for tankines, just play him smart

9? Not 7?

Me @ Overwatch comp. The only communication I get is “KYS mercy” :joy:

Better to take a break when you start getting frustrated! Games ain’t worth the hassle. (And they’re also infinitely more fun with friends, even if your win rate is 90% alone, haha)


Well 60% shield pen with pillars melt ambra and other battleborns who need shields to survive.

Survavility of anyone who has 50-70% of max hp drops dramatically.

I can get that, but I still value 15% damage or lifesteal on pillars, ults, (and nullify) much higher than some shield pen (which I use about half the time)

That’s impressive. What’s your secret?

Wtf does this have to do with anything?

Play the same character in PvP over and over for almost 400 hours.

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Think again; i’ve done that with Toby, and i’m still not elite with him, just above average.

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Actually yeah, this is a pretty fair statement

I’ve been playing video games competitively for about 15 years. I’ve won 2 local smash bros tournaments back in the day and I play video games more than 5 days a week. I literally play every game I own on the hardest difficulty, there is no compromise. (if there is a difficulty).

I’m a bit of an addict.


Aside from the competitive aspect, i do the same; just take the compliment before i cut you open and sew it into your chest cavity!

Is this Reyna?

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