No Contest matches



You had that one ready, didn’t you?

Ey, I’ve won a few too! :raised_hands:


No, honestly; some gif responses have just become automatic for me, haha!

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They can carry a team of noobs, strong picks when you are playing with randoms.

I also briefly (very briefly :sob:) had a world record in smash bros brawl home run contest and was .08 seconds away from a target test world record, for those of you who play smash bros.

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Ugh, three of my least played characters :frowning:

Btw I have not seen a Ghalt carry since they removed stun. I have even crushed a couple who seemed like they didn’t know why they were not stunning. Very sad.

Who are you most played battleborn?

Galth crits for massive dmg. Ppl just got used to an easy kill, you dont even need the mine if you know who and when to pull.

Galth destroy minions rly fast, attack power + shield, cheap shield and regen makes him a tank.

Who is Galth?

Sounds like a Sith lord…

ew brawl lol.

I’m an SSBM player myself, was sponsored for a while :slight_smile:

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My most played are gally, alani, Ambra, kid ultra, deande. In that order, with one match difference between gally and alani and only 4 between kid and deande.

Ghalt has the highest primary attack dps “potential” in the game, but it is one of the least consistent. Sure point blank crits with all or most pellets does insane amounts of damage very quickly. not so much any other time. His cool downs seem long to me. It is very unforgiving if you miss that hook or hit a minion by accident, and the pay off is not that great even if you hit until you add damage to it. He is slow. You say he can tank with health Regen? Compared to who? He has the worst health to hit box ratio in the game I think. He also has one of the weakest ults in the game.

If you have a team and you coordinate attacks you can pull low health players for easy kills. I’m talking about carrying a team that is as bad or worse than bots. Ghalt is not going to cut it. Stealing a couple kills will not win a team a match. Can you explain to me why Shayne is not a better pick for the same role in almost every way?

Don’t make fun of his speech impediment.

It’s when Ghalt wants to sound more in character when he plays Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep haha


Every match I play is a total pub stomp. I think I’ve only won 1 maybe 2 games in PvP. I lost a meltdown match 500-5. So I just mostly avoid PvP all together.

Btw, what’s your handle? I kinda wanna see how good you are

What platform do you play on? If you’re on Xbox, I’d love to give you a hand and help you find some good matches. I don’t like letting people get pubstomped.


PS4 for me.

Ah. There’s lots of PS4 dudes on here if you need a crew to roll with.

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I was in the PS4 forum folks chat, but it was blowing up my notifications. So i disabled notifications, then i started missing messages from real life friends that wanted to game, so i had to leave the group just to re-enable my notifications.

I’m open to anything really, this game isn’t too friendly with solo queues. I want to do more story missions without waiting 10 minutes to get matched up with 1 person that disconnects.


Well, as a noob and almost useless player let me just say that your efforts aren’t enough. So many of us “almost useless” players don’t have enough gear or characters unlocked to be effective in this game. BTW, how useless am I when I get a stream of crits and the opponent on the other end just shrugs it off, nails me with the CC and then proceeds to poop on me incidentally on their way to attacking someone else. The problem that you’re experiencing in this game is a result of three issues 1) This game has an unforgiving progression system (loot bonuses and locked characters) which can be overcome by time put into the game, but when that time is absolutely no fun-in PVP mode-then no one wants to do that. 2) Is there a tutorial in this game because I still don’t understand the mechanics of the gameplay, I mean, you get a description of the character abilities and no demonstration, no idea of the range of attacks or how they work precisely (does Orendi’s paradigm shift hit in a cone, does it pass through enemies, is it 500 damage to all hit, or just initially, or is it disbursed in some way, why does the description not tell me about the casting delay that is obviously there, what’s the range of this attack? Etc., Etc. 3) Core PVP communities are generally poor sports, ever tried playing on a clan-based battlefield server? The “try hards” as you say, don’t like to lose, they like to win and they often like to win badly; given that criterion, combined with a small player base, the matches are more than likely going to play out as you described.