No cooperation in MTD?

I just played Maliwan Takedown for the first time with a friend, we both were set to “cooperation” but when I joined his game, I scaled to his level and when he joined my game he scaled to mine. We quit multiple times, kept checking our settings, and kept taking turns inviting each other and it stayed like that.

Is this a glitch?

Yeah, I got rudely alerted to this when I joined a friend on the Takedown and I got downed by a ratch at the beginning. I was like “why won’t it die?!” and then I noticed it was +7 to me. And then I had to lounge around for half the level. But I can say I finished it once, and there’s no reason to do the awful thing again.

Takedown is scaled to the max level (or at least, should be).

Takedown is scaled to host level (lvl 50 minimum).

Well that’s disappointing. I thought being able to play co-op with friends and having everyone able to play together but at their individual levels was an amazing addition to the game. Too bad they disabled that for MTD.

But WHY?!?

It is supposed to be end game content so it doesn’t scale down.