NO Damage/phasegrasp

After this newest patch is it just me or does anyone else notice they cannot damage enemies that are held in a phase grasp? No matter how much I shoot it then there is no damage marker and the enemy does not receive any until they come out of the grasp again. At which point they have the same Health they had prior to being grabbed and shot. Tested by going to first boss. Health bar literally turned green when I hit phase grasp. and he was invincible until the end of it.
I get trying to fix other aspects but why in the hell do you break parts that were already working.

No issue here.

Not new by any means. Serious problem with Amara phase grasp. Only occurred after the newest update. Did nothing to my set up while I was asleep. Just test it again by going and killing the very first boss in Covenant pass. As soon as I hit phase grasp his health bar turned green and I could not damage him.

It sux

Hey man , maybe you can report it as a problem and on what system you are playing exactly.Where did you test it.And does changing skill/reseting the game helps in any case.

I would love to report it as a problem if I could figure out where and how. I’m playing on a PS4 resetting did not help.

Tested on the very first boss in Covenant pass. I used him because I could just run to him with no enemies. - Here.
Maybe try a reinstall before that and everything that your abilities allow to fix it.Still report with a ticket tho.These things should not happen at any rate.

Ok. Thanks

I restarted everything and now it’s only doing it on the Ties That Bind skill. So that’s good in a way… I guess with the newest patch that I can no longer damage the main person grasped and damage everyone else also. Kind of makes this pointless to be at the bottom of the skill tree

I got this too. I’m using Ties That Bind/Glamour combo. I noticed that the guy I phasegrasped had a green crosshair, so for some reason the game was registering him as a friendly target and not showing health or letting me do damage to him. Doesn’t make any sense though, Glamour confuses them it doesn’t turn them into an ally.

I really hope this is a bug. It makes no sense why you can’t hurt the guy you phasegrasp.

Got into the game just to try it on PC and its working as intended so it seems its a PS4 issue.Unless its on Xbox also.Regardless , they wont leave it like this peeps.

I switched what skill I am using and reset the game. After restarting the game and switching back to ties That Bind it seems to be working fine. Don’t know why it was doing that or if it’s going to start doing it again but at least I can get it back to working for now. Thanks for the help and suggestions

Update and correction. When I restarted the game I did not turn glamour back on. I just switched back to having Glamour and it’s problematic again. Glamour is the problem

Ah they touched that skill in the recent patch before a couple of hours.Maybe something went wrong.One could only guess.

Yep. Glamour currently broken.

Yes, they “fixed” Glamour by breaking it even more.

And here I thought finally Amara was getting something fixed considering a quarter of her skills are bugged in one way or another.

These devs… they do not play their own game.

It is on Xbox. But for me it only happens when using Glamour with Ties That Bind. I tried it again after replying to this thread, and if I use any other skill with Glamour I can damage enemies like normal, even the guy affected by my action skill.

If it’s one way on PS, another on Xbox, and not even an issue on PC, I’m convinced this is a bug now. Hope they fix it, because it really REALLY shouldn’t work like this. TTB/Glam was my entire build and now it’s not only useless, it’s detrimental to my game.

Actually Glamour wasn’t even broken for me on Xbox. It would confuse enemies and make them attack each other like it says. They didn’t attack each other very much, but it did work.

I find her Remenant skill quite often will not be triggering and i have to zone / restart each map until I get one where its working it pretty much doubles mob clearing time when its not working on mh3 200k+ hits on kill make up some huge dps.