No discount on LLC packs

Bummer! I was hoarding credits for that.

Same. I’ve got over 300k credits sitting around…

Of course, rumor has it that his loot pack colors and taunts won’t be in game until his full release next week so there wouldn’t be much of a point. Also, I’m pretty sure that, even with Ernest and Pendles’ faction discounts, it wasn’t until the weekend began that the discount appeared. It might be happen when the 2x Credits event activates.

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To lend a teensy bit of credence to this, I popped 5 LLC commander packs and got nothing for him. Could be RNG though because I also got nothing for Issac.

Don’t know about taunts, but I got one skin for him, violet/light blue one.

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I got a taunt for him and the yellow/purp skin, as well as one of the attikus skins so far.

If LLC packs already contain his taunts and skins, then I can finally open all the ones I have hoarded up.

Can confirm that his skins/taunts are in. I got 2 of his skins and both his taunts out of LLC lootpacks.

Good luck and let the RNG be with you.

It’s definetly in there. I got all the skins and taunts for him already between 16 regular llc packs and 10 commander packs (my first llc pack was a taunt even)

I opened 75 LLC packs and 6 Commander Packs.

Got all the skins and taunts for KU in the first 75. Yay.

Now to hoard Jennerit packs for the next character.

I really want to hoard my jennerit packs but I think they have the most legendaries I want :,(

Though I could probably spend my credits on he error packs when she comes out. I made like 20k in credits from my 16 llc and 10 commander packs…

Given that each 100 OPS gives you an commander pack, you can open them now as you continue to win operations with a Jennerit character.

Of course, the issue is, how many times do you think you can keep playing the same operation over and over again before you burn out?

Truthfully? Until I get all the legendarys I want at max roll and all the skins/taunts for each character. Or until the next ops comes out

Legendaries are still hard to come by in Commander Packs, but the chances are much better overall. As for the ones you want, that I cannot guarantee.

So if you’re hoping to grind packs till you want your stuff, it will still take a really, really long time. I suspect you would burn out before that happens.

I got 2 legends from those 26 packs. Probably RNG being nice admittedly. I don’t burn out easily on things I really like though. You just worry about you not burning out :wink:

Truthfully, I already burned out.

I hoarded up my LLC packs, and then in 30 minutes or less I found all the skins and taunts for Kid Ultra and then kinda lost the motivation to play.

I beat the operation with 100 OPs and then, yea, felt nothing. Not much desire to play any more, so I’m just afk lvling him to 15 and maybe play him more seriously when a few friends come along -assuming they haven’t left the game entirely yet.

I might finish up my night trying to find my Shock Interfacer in BDL2, but then again, I have a 14 hour day tomorrow…

my feelings about the regular missions seem equivalent of how you feel about the ops. But I actually got excited at the prospect of imo not unsubstantial rewards (in comparison to the regular missions)

I do not understand your willingness to time grind. Personally seems silly to me especially since you wouldn’t be working towards lore

Admittedly though it is a peculiar feeling to have acquired all the pack goodies for a character in your first stock piling of the faction

I spent more attention on this forum than in game today. So my game is just in the background playing itself out, and I start another match once 30 minutes is up.

So I get my skins and a new taunt and mutation options unlocked without spending any energy -all the while I’m entertained on the forums. If I want to work on Kid’s lore, yea, I’ll do it when I have more energy. What’s the rush, really?

I opened 75 packs, plus 7 Commander Packs, so… I guess I got lucky?

And my credits rose from 61K to 130K afterwards, so, yea, that’s a lot of money. Just need another discount event to put those credits to good use.

I overall like the Operations more than the story, but this one is not good enough on too many areas to make me want to relentlessly come back for more. And how this is not 4 or 5 man-able still greatly annoys me.

Lol it doesn’t seem like you find almost anything entertaining. I feel like you should have eeyore as your profile pic.

Any who, I get what your saying about kid ultra. Just not my personal preference.

Dunno if I would say lucky. I opened 1/3 and got the same kid ultra stuff you did. Do you recall any legendaries?

A discount would be cool but at this point kinda unnecessary for me. A minimum 500 credits or skin is plenty for about 24 minutes of play

I know how you and a decent chunk feel about the ops. I get it. I am just personally happier to have the ops be better than the main story missions. It’s basically all I ask for in dlc. I do believe that the next ops will be better though. The difficulty of the ops is pretty nice on 3 man too but I understand your frustration :slight_smile:

Found 4 Legendaries.

Only 1 of them was new. The other 3 were things I already have, but 1 of them was a perfect roll, so I replaced my old one. And none of them were things I was looking for to improve my loadouts.

The Operations annoy me in more than just the lack of 5 man. But I’ll talk about it elsewhere. I’m extremely critical over the DLC is because almost none of my friends wanted to come back for more after 1 run. I only play with 1 person on this forum consistently, but that’s because he really loves this game. When none of my other friends, who also greatly enjoyed Battleborn, aren’t entertained after 1 run, I begin wonder what parts of the DLC simply drove them off?

What part of it was not fun?

What part of it made them want to push the ‘skip’ button instead of watching/hearing it?

What area of the map made it feel boring?

Did they feel like wasting their time after completion?

I was able to experience 100 OPs points difficulty since the guy I’m playing with had access to that difficulty, so I was getting Commander Packs by my 4th run. I enjoyed the rewards greatly, since I’m a greedy jackass, and maybe my friends wanted hefty rewards and a good challenge in difficulty.

So I told them you guys can get Commander Packs too if we play together with me as host, but they all refused. All of them denied my offer with various reasons but the overall message was, “We don’t really want to play Battleborn right now. The DLC took too long to come out and our interest has waned over the weeks… Sorry…”

So what the hell happened here…

My immediate concern is that my fun in Battleborn has been severely affected.

This DLC drove my friends away and didn’t invigorate their interest. I’m no longer able to have nearly as much fun as I should be, and I wish to really discover the parts that annoyed me.

I found a lot, needless to say.

Really, a part of me wants to just play Borderlands 2, but I could do that on the weekend or the week after.

Damn sounds like my RNG was pretty good then. Well you have my condolences about the situation. None of my rl friends (save one on Xbox while I am ps4) stayed with the game but I know that for them I am an outlier when it comes to games. If I find a game I really like then I will keep playing it continuously until I am satisfied. Over 400 hours in and I still want more. But not everyone is like me