No DLC on the super deluxe yet

Hi brought the super deluxe steel book edition from game. Found the packs, you have to actually be in a social game and access messages through pressing start then social then messages and there you will find the packs. But where is the DLC? I paid a lot of money from Game and beginning to feel disappointed with my purchase. Help please.

Same here, did you get the stallion skins or trinkets? I did not.

This is just a weird thing with the Xbox.
Go onto your games and app menu, hover over Borderlands 3, press the pause/menu button, select manage app (i don’t remembe rthe exact name it’s something along those lines) go to addons and select install all

Done all that got the most of the add-ons except the DLC :frowning: which was the main reason I got super deluxe. Constantly refreshing. What’s gearbox email address.

You get the dlc when it is released … You purchased the season pack which is 4 dlc … spread across a set time frame … probably a year … so expect the first in a few months

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