No DLC or add ons for BL: THC

I can’t access DLC on BL2. Error message reads “unable to enumerate new downloadable content. Try again later”. Also, no option for DLC on the presequel main menu. Is that normal? Is anyone else having this problem? I’m on the Xbox one. Thanks.

I would imagine there is no DLC for this game on the new consoles so there is nothing to list. All the DLC is already included. You merely have to fast travel to the DLC locations or start a new character with the DLC classes.

Does this make sense?

Haven’t got THC yet. (Being English I have to wait for Friday) But that makes perfect sense to me.

Didn’t think of it that way. I’ll give it a shot and let you all know. Thank you for your response.

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Borderlands 2 seemed to detect an issue with DLC or something when I loaded it up. I’m assuming/hoping that it’s a minor patch they’ll fix soon.

Someone else mentioned trouble doing OP level stuff and digistruct.

TPS seems fine. I am playing the claptrap DLC there.

Make sure that the game and all updates are fully installed before loading the game and you wait for SHiFT to Authenticate before entering into a game from the main menu.

Let us know if you’re still experiencing issues after that!

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I got the same error in BL2, but my GF was able to select and play the Mechromancer just fine. We started a fresh game, so haven’t hit any specific DLC content, but they look like they are already installed.

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I’ve just started over and it looks like the add ons are discovered as you play the game. All characters were available at the beginning and i continue to discover more skins and whatnot. So far so good.

I loaded it up today to import my characters (I do have the badass rank character import fix). It was giving me a warning about not having the DLC installed that would allow me to use stuff after level 72 and that I wouldn’t be able to gain xp past level 72. I think it was talking about OP gear and OP levels. Also, on the main menu, when I go to the DLC option it says it can’t detect DLC at this time. Tomorrow I’ll try warping to all the DLCs and I’ll load up my op 8 Sal as well.