No F2P in Australia for PS4?

Currently there is no F2P version of Battleborn on Australian PSN (only the $30-something full version). I assume this is unintentional?

Do I just need to wait for the psn store to update?

Definitely wait for the Free Trial, Australian players have had numerous connectivity issues so you want to make sure the game is playable before you buy it.

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PSN believes that Australia is in Europe, so yeah, all good. Thanks for the info.

Ah, I see. The American style of Australians is only half of being Australian, the other, more human half is being European. So PSN has to get all parts in place, yeah.

haha no I’ve been on bb for a long time. was considering getting some of my friends to play it when I saw it wasn’t in the store.


I salute to you fellow Aussie Battleborn! Most of the Aussies I know are too salty to keep playing, which works out well for me I guess, because I don’t play much of anything when I am in development mode. :sweat_smile:

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