No fast travelling stations on planet Eden-6 -> Ambermire

I want to finish my missions but there is no way that I can enter Ambermire…
I discovered fast stations and nothing is showing… I’m sending you two screenshots.

I did: uninstall, reinstall, I tried a file verification. I removed config.

  1. I was doing ALL Main missions and I “Finished” game, than I decided to do all side missions. I was playing and I stucked, I was doing mission “Sell Out” - so I was going to Eden-6 to Ambermire but there is no chance for me… As you can see on screen shots there is no fast travels but I discovered them.

Can you help me with this problem?

Do you have any FT locations to Floodmoor Basin? If so, you’ll have to go the long way round and ‘rediscover’ the travel beacons. Otherwise, you could try joining someone else’s game and travel with them to Ambermire.

Otherwise, you could try joining someone else’s game and travel with them to Ambermire.

I was playing with my friend, We were in Ambermire but on “my friends save - I just join to his game”. After I went back to game menu I started single game. Than I was at Floodmoor Basin and with no FT in Ambermire… And we were trying on my save - so my friend joined to my game - and he didn’t have this 2 FT’s

Do you have any FT locations to Floodmoor Basin? If so, you’ll have to go the long way round and ‘rediscover’ the travel beacons.

? What do you mean about going around?? I think that I have all FT’s in this game except these two FT in Ambermire. I now only one way to enter Ambermire - It’s a way by quest weapon - Rogue-Sight.

Rogue-Sight is a unique pistol manufactured by Jakobs in Borderlands 3 . It is an exclusive mission weapon available only during the Going Rogue story misison.

Special Weapon Effects

Do you see? – Bullets possess homing properties similar to Atlas weaponry. Increased magazine size. Reduced projectile velocity. When zoomed in, mission-related Rogue-Marks are revealed in the environment.

I also was searching some cheats for teleport to Ambermire…

I submited a ticket to 2K but they didn’t helped me…

You know… It’s more satisfaction when you finish game alone… I can play with my friend but I was trying to finish game alone… This bug is *******… The problem is with my save.

If the Fast Travel points weren’t activated and saved to your save game file, this’ll happen. You just need to walk there from Floodmor Basin and activate them, and they should show up in your list. Go to the Drop Pod in Floodmor Basin. Run forward to the Catch A Ride, grab a scooter, take a left, drive under the spaceship until you see this billboard. The path to Ambermire is a tunnel on the left just in front of it.

edit - when you go there, walk to the Fast Travel and give it a sec to unfold and check to see if it’s in your Fast Travel list. If it still isn’t showing up, something is wrong. You’ll need to walk to the one at the old HQ to get that in the list too. One of my characters had the Fast Travel for downtown Trashlantis, but not the map entrance… had to walk back to activate it.

Once you open the map transition to Ambermire during the main story mission, it should stay open. So if the only FT you have is in Floodmoor go there, grab a vehicle, and drive to the transition point. If you’ve already completed the Rogue Sight mission you shouldn’t need to do it again (and you only need the Rogue sight to open the Rogue HQ in the middle of the map which is one of two FT locations.)

There’s some weirdness about unlocking maps when you’re a guest in someone else’s game that I don’t fully get, but I’ve had the same thing on XB1.

No chance :P. I just use cheat (teleport to waypoint) to enter Ambermire but no chance…

Look :smiley:

I also used BL3 Save Editor to give this weapon to my backpack but it’s not working.

Oh wow, you’re legit locked out. You on Steam? I can try walking you in there.

After I walked with my friend to Ambermire than I go to main menu and I was trying on my own but still there is no enter to Ambermire :D…

What happens if you join your friend, enter Ambermire and trigger the FT/New-U, then save-quit and restart solo?

Nothing, still I can’t enter to Ambermire via FT’s or normal enter. I was doing this two times.

So it doesn’t respawn you inside Ambermire if you saved-quit from a co-op session? All I can think of at this point is to redo the Rogue site mission with someone else to see if that unlocks the map properly.

No, when I go to single player after co-op the game respawn me at Floodmoor Basin.

I will try to do this quest with someone. Maybe tommorow after work I will try this.

You help me more than 2K support… :wink:

This is, like, actually kind of a compelling problem… like King Gnasher has officially banished you from the land or something. :laughing: