No fast travels Cant get back to sanctuary

Hi there . I have no fast travel spots have to use galaxy view. And now I cant get back to sanctuary the little circle fills up but no travel after it does so I’m stuck. Really cant play the game at all if I cant go back to sanctuary. I know im not alone here many people talking about the fast travel not working is this going to be addressed. Hasnt happened until now after the maliwan takedown update. But I have run into every single bug now bank floor progression blocks this is becoming ridiculous now. I think fixing the game should take precedent over releasing new material.

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You will need to actively select the FT station on the Sanctuary map instead of just hitting ‘travel’ - use the D-pad up/down buttons to get it. The latest update simply made the Sanctuary map work the same way as all the others (whereas you didn’t need to select the FT station before).

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Dude thanks for the speedy reply. Yeah I feel a bit dumb now lol. Thanks again.

Me also!

Thank you , I was stuck the last 2 days…so frustration!