No FFYL = Worst Mayhem Modifier

Just what the title says. The Mayhem modifier that eliminates FFYL is a terrible modifier. Not a fan, GBX.

Love the new content, GBX devs, thanks a lot for the free buttload of content. Just wish some more thought had been put into this modifier. I know the Mayhem modifiers are there to make us re-think the way we play the game and game mechanics, but FFYL is a core part of this game, its mechanics, and even certain builds.

Can we eliminate or tone down this modifier? Maybe just 50% FFYL time or something might be a good tradeoff?


who says no thought has gone into it?

i can see that people would like this… i wouldn’t mind playing with this one active on some of my builds… just to have that litlle edge of trying not to go down :slight_smile:

just reroll it to something else, again nobody is forced to use modifiers that they don’t like.

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Personally I love it. Makes dying actually a threat.
And you can just reroll. o.O


If you’re good at not going down its actually the best modifier since doesn’t do anything else.

But I’m not good enough to never go down

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Maybe some thought went into it and was misdirected? Again, I feel like removing a core game mechanic is kind of overkill.

EDIT: My post is merely intended as my feedback to the devs. If you like the modifier, good on ya. I do not. This is our place to share these thoughts with the devs. Feel free to disagree if you wish.

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that’s why it’s called “mayhem” :smiley:

it gives a bit more flavor to the game :wink:

on a side note, i could well roll this on zane… i never go into FFYL with him hahahaha

I disagree wholeheartedly.
Not going into FFYL is pretty doable.

I think -75% crit damage is way worse and so are some of the damage resistance modifiers.

Also you CAN actually get up from “FFYL” with this modifier on. To be very precise:
There is an animation that plays when you go into FFYL. If an enemy dies during this animation you can still get second wind. Its only after that animation (when the “true FFYL” would start) that you actually die.

Maybe reconsider the note next to your name OP? :slight_smile:

Ah well, I will indeed disagree hehe.
While I do understand not everyone would like this, seeing as we have the option to reroll, they can just not use that modifier. And if GearBox feels like it, they can instead add another modifier that does reduce FFYL time or reduce how much time you have after each death more than it does currently or something, like speed up the DR or whatever you’d call it. :stuck_out_tongue:

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it vastly depends on the build,I certainly would not play that with some characters just reroll

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You’ve given me a lot to think about. I will get back to you soon.

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I don’t mind the no-FFYL modifier too much because I’ve run several builds that can snowball super hard but if they go down it’s impossible to get a second wind. So for when I run those it’s basically a neutral modifier for me.

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I would agree that its a slightly more annoying modifier for Flak. His FFYL is really damn good.
Also ive been getting no ase lifesteal anoints - just the new ase healcircle which is strictly worse in almost every regard.

I’ll hit it when I’m strong enough to handle the enemies comfortably at those levels (min MM8 to see this particular modifier). I don’t build around FFYL and desperately try to avoid it all the time, so having health vials drop constantly would add some interesting spice to the game for me. When I’m not in the mood for that, I’ll just re-roll for something else.

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Guardian angel for the win with this modifier
I’ve gotten precisely 2 shots off before I actually die so there is a chance. Small one but it’s there I’d say this is one of the best very hard modifiers imo

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FYI as Fl4k your pet can get you up if it is literally standing right next to you when you go into FFYL.

It shouldn’t… you’re not supposed to go into FFYL at all (like when you fall off a cliff - straight to the New-U).

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Well, it do! I just had it happen multiple times in one run.

So you have the Rogue Lite modifier up, something kills you, and you go into FFYL?

Correct. If the pet is standing right on top of you, it can immediately revive you.

My guess is same principle allows Guardian Angel to get you back up also.

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As Suckit pointed the initial animation is not counted in ffyl duration, they made crawl duration 0 but someone can still catch you