No flakker no fun :O . vote for flakker!

I just realize I cant find any shotgun for replace flakker .and now day I cant play on mayhem 3 slaugher shaft couz of it.and its not just that point.

I just realize I addict on light and sound is flakker have for me.I can see enemy explode next to me. and blow away . and its very light and sound ever. even every single shot is I shoot I must careful couz its can harm me by serious strong AOE dmg .

its a lone survivor gun … its happen most time. I out of ammo in all pool . but flakker is good
on ammo management per damage output. When other 2 or 3 just back to respawn and cant come out to save me. flakker is like my panic button for hit .

This post is vote for flakker. anyone wanna see it back to usable like me . please show your hand up [>O< ]/

heli flakker !


I’m all in for some flakkin’, even if I hit myself as much with it as I hit enemies.

My Moze looooves Explosions.

Slaughter Shaft M3 after nerf as Moze. You can still use flakker just fine, some parts of video I used it. You don’t need to reload it ever as Moze, you get ammo back immediately.


If you use an actual launcher with Moze instead of bashing your head on the flakker for no reason you will melt enemies even more.

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No vote from me.
I main Moze and don’t use the Flakker and can survive circle of slaughter M3 just fine.

Obviously this always comes down to personal preference but I find the Flakker really boring. The only skill is making sure you don’t kill yourself with it.
Sold mine when I ran out of vault space!

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Here comes the Flakker Cult

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Agreed, Flakker is like a side arm for me.

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So I hated the Flakker in BL2. It always seemed so inconsistent to me. However, in BL3 it rocks! At least it used to… It’s still a very pretty spectacle though.

When I saw the devs admit they intended most of the explosions to miss I chuckled a bit and thought to myself “so just like Flakker classic?”. My girlfriend loves that damn gun and I always used to joke that I would throw it off the map if I ever found one.

As Moze. Try to run through Slaughter shaft M3 with Fl4k without the flakker. or zane. or Amara.

Yes… the new Flakker is literally unplayable now…

Reloading after every shot is just not fun!

And i use certain guns because they are fun.

The Flakker is just a pain to use now.

Are you Moze? with all of the explosive buffs?

I run it without Flakker since forever, I use primarily Scourge. After Hex nerfs it takes me about 18 minutes total to clear shaft fully all rounds.

I’d imagine you can find solution with other VHs too.

It took me over an hour to clear slaughterstar as fl4k.

You can see the class in bottom left corner.

I cant see it, as I cant watch the video(Im at school, and the video is restricted).

Are you Amara? she is very good with elements(and you are using fire, from the symbol)

Yep, it’s Amara. Flakker still rocks even after the nerf.

The element boost from her helps a lot. however, I am but a simple fl4k. I can get a big boost on it(100% extra damage, and 225% extra crit damage), but I can only shoot like 2/3 shots before my ability ends. Reload destroys fl4K, considering 2 seconds out of a max of 7 second ability, then only one shot, then 2 more seconds.

Yes, Flakker doesn’t seem great in general for crit fl4k. Before it was possible simply because the Flakker was immensely overtuned. The new Flakkers firerate now scales directly with reload speed.

To be honest, not every weapon can work with every build unless we overtune everything and trivialize all content.

The thing is, if they had just removed some of the fire rate and damage, It would still be good for everyone. But by removing ammo, only Moze and Fl4k can use it(since they can regen ammo.

Weapons should be usable with everyone, not the best weapon.

Like the hex. it still can be viable for Moze, but it’s useless for everyone else.

Remember, Krieg can still use a sniper. he might not be the best with it, and Zer0 would be better with it, but Krieg can still shoot it.