No games found in XBOX One quick match or match browser

I can’t find ANY games in the handsome collection on XBOX One. Whether I search the browser or quick match nothing is found. I find it impossible to believe there is NO ONE playing. Is this being addressed???

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Do you have Overpower Levels enabled? There’s unfortunately still a bug that makes makes you unable to connect with anybody random if you’re set to OP3 or higher because the sessions are all set to 72 while your character is set to the selected OP Level as you can’t connect to sessions 3 or more levels below you.

I don’t know. I never heard of that. My characters are level 47 and 15. I pulled them over from my 360.

Then it is a different issue at all. The Handsome Collection still has some problems unfortunately.

It’s frustrating. Am I alone with this problem, or can nobody else find random games?

you’re not alone cause I tried hosting a game with my lvl 52 Mechro in UVHM a little awhile ago and no one joined. I even tried to find matches and they were none. Hopefully it gets fixed soon.

That’s messed up. Too much to ask to get a moderator or Gearbox representative to comment on this problem?

If youh invite people it should work that way. I’m always down to play. Got a level 50 Axton. GT is CURTIS2012

Ok cool. I’ll do that. Gamer tag is Ziiv.

Mind if I jump in on that? My GT is ShowMeDaCarFaxx

Whenever you two fancy playing just invite me if I’m online

Will do on both of you guys. Just to be straight, if there be duping or hacking, I’m out.

I’ve earnt all my gear legit dw


Well, there isnt much us moderators can say on the matter. I wish I had an answer, but I dont.
If it had been addressed in the past by Gearbox, id have echoed that to you, but I can’t recall them doing so.

You could however, attempt to make them aware of the issue in case they are not. Submit a support ticket here and let them know whats up. Im sorry I cant offer more help.

I appreciate you taking the time to check in. I’ll send along a report.

Thanks again!

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It is on my 19 axton and 41 kreig.

Scratch that on all of my characters!

Logged on last night tried to find games in 2 and pre sequel and there was nothing. Can’t believe a game centered around online coop is still having this issue. Obviously it’s never going to be fixed at this point.

Have any of you EVER been able to find games in matchmaking or quick match? I just got the game so I am wondering if it’s a new problem? The support from Gearbox doesn’t seem to know this issue exists.