No games found when solo

So I’ve been trying to find games when playing now for 2 hours without any success. Same happened yesterday. At one point I found 3 teammates but they left as well and haven’t found a single teammate since. With 3-4 friends we get games very fast but I don’t find ANY games when playing solo.

I have changed my download region multiple times to NA/different countries in the EU but in vain. Still not even one teammate.

Is the game really that dead or is it just me having these problems. If it is just me - any ideas how to fix this?


I have to reset my router , I had players in a short time.

Did that, waited 20mins in meltdown and didnt even find 1 teammate. Found a game in capture in 15mins and after that nothing again.

You’re not alone. I’m currently waiting for about half an hour. Very frustrating not to get any games…

Get on Battleborn discord.

Ive never waited anymore then a min to get into a group and it’s not a pug at that!

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