"No games found"

Is there actually nobody playing or is this another issue being looked at? I can play with people on my friends list but unfortunately quick match and match browser matchs are non existent.

i can play ODSTclapton

I’m just wondering why I can’t find a public match. Same problem today. Frustrating. There can’t be no one playing the game.

What lvl are you I am plainf now I have a 34 sal and a 58 maya. Gt: saintlygrud

I have a bunch of characters going. I’m sure I have something that level. I’ll add you guys when I get back on later.

i have the same issue. im on lvl 25 assassin. say no game found or show me full lobby or a lobby with double name. :frowning:

alot of us not playing much because of the BAR glitch.ive talked to a dozen people who told me once its fixed they will be back to farmin’ and grindin’

On ps4 on the pre sequel theres always a ton of public games. Havent really checked bl2 yet.

Yeah I’m getting that too. I’m sure like other people are saying here that it’s the BAR issue. Then again, not much on my Xbox 360 version either. I mean I get a few, but I’m sure it’s becuase of my lvl character or people got tired of playing it, so that could be a factor too.