No games will work

I downloaded BL2 and pre sequel, I was playing them yesterday and now neither game will start, it just keeps asking if I own the game or app. I checked the connection and I’m online. I checked the store and they are both installed. wtf?

Did you purchase them as digital downloads from the store, or did you use a physical disk to get the game downloads? If the latter, you’ll likely need to insert the disk every time you want to play. If the former, sounds like a licence glitch, so I’d suggest contacting MS support first.

They were available as a free download. I downloaded them and was playing just fine until today

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OK, then I would definitely contact MS support. There was speculation that the free download was actually a mistake (when I checked the store, it was showing half-price not free), and that there was a risk it would be reverted. Only MS would be able to clarify this, however.

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I just tried uninstalling and reinstalling it… Its no longer available. How do I actually contact them because the support site is useless

A free trial though, or a free game? That seems to be uncertain at this point, especially since there was no formal announcement. (At least, not that I saw - it was all Battlefield 1 for me when I signed in Sat. and Sun.)

Yes they was free to download and play on xb1 over the weekend which has unfortunately stopped, HC is on offer thou at £18 in the uk store.

I would suggest using the chat option here:

Alternatively, you could try this number:

Useless, as usual. Nice to see Microsoft still screws its customers.

It only worked on the weekend. It has to be bought after…

Saw a post about it just free for the weekend and an e-mail about it, Only 2 Days Free to keep playing after that, you have to buy it.

saw it also on Xbox’s “Free With Gold” page and they only advertised it as a “2 day Weekend event ONLY” not a free game. They also did the same deal with the new halo game a few weeks back and a couple other games I don’t remember the names though.

Basically just a way to drum up new players for some games

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