No Gold Keys On XboxOne

On May 7th, i used 1500 VIP-Points to buy Gold-Keys for Borderlands 2 (on and for Borderlands GotY. In the GotY I got them, but in BL2 i didn´t get any keys for the last weeks and the keys i bought for VIP-Points aren´t there, too. Ingame in the Shift-Code-Menu, i can see date and time when the codes (or points) were received, but no charakter of mine has any Gold-Keys.

Some time ago, i also made a support ticket, but without response.

Can anyone help, please?

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There’s not much anyone outside the support team can do, since fixing the issue requires access to your shift account. I do know they have been under much heavier load than usual since the BL1 GOTY and texture packs dropped, so you may need to wait a day or two for a human response.