No gold weapon skins?

I bought the game on thursday, sept. 12th (yesterday as of this post) While the game comes out today, friday sept 13th. I have not received my gold skins codes which I find odd since I bought the game (digital deluxe edition) and have all of that dlc already in my mail. I also know how to apply and change weapon skins by inspecting your weapon, but I only see the digital deluxe skins in there as my mailbox did not have any gold weapon skins waiting to be redeemed either.

Was there a cut off date I was unaware of? A quick google search reveals that ps4 and xbox had final preorder dates, but I didn’t see anything posted about PC. A little help here, guys?


Hello, login into account, go to purchase history. You should see BL3 Gold weapons pack as one of your purchase bundles. Simply select it then click on download to devices. Try this.


I didn’t purchase it on though, nor do I even have an account on that website. I bought the game via the epic games launcher. I have the receipts and everything.

Once in game press F4 or go to Social then hit the envelope, you will see your gold weapon skins pack there

I clicked the mail and got nothing also on second character I didn’t get the mail at all

Likewise. Nothing

i had the supposed skin its a trinket . but it doesnt make my weapon gold… com on guys !

  1. You have to go to the DLC page for the gold weapon skins:
  2. The game will launch when you click “Download”
  3. Then start a new game or load an existing character.
  4. Once you are fully loaded into the game hit “esc” and go to the social menu
  5. From there you should be able to get messages under the :email: tab.
  6. Once you have accepted the gift, you need to go back into your character’s inventory
  7. Pick a gun and hit F to view it, and then hit X to skin it.