No good shock weapons

I’ve been playing this game for months and I still have no decent shock weapon. Can’t find a shock variant of Cutsman or Moar, but have multiple Fire and Corrosive variants.

I’d suggest hitting the trade section for your platform:

There’s a fair chance someone might have one and be looking for the element you have.

Thanks… That’s just what I was looking for.

Are you PS4?

Brainstormer and there are good redistributors in shock.

Cutsman is hard to come across but exists.

However maybe change your view because there are far more grenades that add shock as a secondary function

Using Zane with dome and sentinel. No grenades.

Yes… PS4… 1st gen

Are you looking for something good for mobbing or bossing?

The Cutsman is in a league of its own for slow or stationary bosses but not great in many other situations. There are lots of good shock weapons: brainstormer, star helix, AAA, westergun, skeksil, redistributor, kybs, ion cannon, rowan’s call and others… but depends on the situation.

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Ok, go hunting for an Electric Banjo - Farm the Billies in Ambermire.

With a decent fire rate smg the banjo will arc electricity to your enemies…solving your issue in one stroke.

As for grenades, I know with the right skills your drone will shoot grenades periodically, but you’re right,most shock is applied on action skill end, and naturally you don’t want that.

Kyb and Redistributer work good. All the others suck.

I have the banjo. Does about the same damage as my redistributor. My Dangerous Thunderball Fists does more damage. My Kyb should do a lot more damage, but all these stupid modifiers mess up the gameplay!

Guess I’ll just at stick to Mayhem 4 since 1-3 suck because of the stupid modifiers.

interestingly I find M4 easier than M3.

As Zane, I use banjo and redistributor (radiation with 100% cryo), when fighting Wotan I’ll use either a brainstormer or electric cutsman to shield strip

I’ve been looking for shock Cutsman since November… I have multiple other variants, but no shock!

What in the world are you talking about

If you run up on a shock babymaker it’s quite decent.

I was so surprised when my AAA worked on mayhem 4 with a barrier active crit dmg anoint. My only problem with a lot of these guns is the visual effects are so thick that you cant see the enemy. The AAA is one of the worst offenders. It’s so much dmg against shields with that setup tho, that it’s kinda hard not to use.

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So… I scaled back the game to Normal with no Mayhem at all. Finished Maliwan Takedown and Wotan finally dropped a shock variant Cutsman. I don’t think anything decimates Wotan’s shields like shock variant Cutsman. I’ll see how it works with the modifiers in Mayhem 1-3.