No Green Tree Zane Builds with Seein Dead?

I have watched so many videos, i have lost track. I am not doing as well as a feel i should in MH4 with Seein Dead.
I am looking for advice or need links to build that utilize Seein Dead and do not rely on the green tree.

Gear isn’t an issue, as i have some pretty great gear.
Currently using Maggies, Ion Cannon, Cutsmans, Lucians, Shredifers, Thorns all with the 50% cryo, i do have one redistributor that is rad and anointed. May have to find more of them and more Ion Cannons, like a x2 Annexxed one with switch with clone for 130% dam.

What are your recommendations. Many of the videos i see are just guys bragging and they are using glitchs and tricks, i do not want that. Just looking for suggestions since i cannot seem to find one build i like.

Have you looked at @flightx3aa’s YouTube channel? He has a bunch of non green tree builds.

Is there a specific bit of content that you are trying to tackle? Because my own perspective is I have different builds for different content. For example, I have a Nukem build for the Trial of Survival proving grounds, which is a different build than the one I use for Trial of Cunning.


I’ve been enjoying machine gun flakker
with no green tree

Really? I’m amazed the first thing I did with this mod was try my CCC builds out with it.

You may have to make your own build if you don’t want glitch “builds”.
Thought of that a little late.

Good point. I have the grave ward one shot build using scourer and unforgiven and the rest is typically same build. Stick and mice, high dps is usually my way

Yea I hear u. I just hate how hard it can be to pick up shield. Died so many times cause I missed it

You must be Xbox, on PS4 it’s a little slow but nothing that hinders me.

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I think he may be talking about how many times you press the “pickup shield” button but it just doesn’t register. Sometimes it’s because there is loot on the ground that take focus away from being able to pick up the shield. Other times it just plain doesn’t register. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Okay. Hold on. Lemme check in here: you want a Seeing Dead concept with no barrier, right? That’s what I think I’m reading, but I wanna make sure we have the same page.

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I’ve had the loot problem before but I’ve never ran out of my barrier and said wtf. I will admit I naturally spam to pick up, when I first started I would actually drop it on accident :joy:.

I misunderstood him originally and thought he wanted Green tree, you are correct.
Which good misfortune is kinda weird with that mod isn’t it?

I’m clone/drone build, I only have 1 point in green to boost my shield 10% because the shield I use is very low capacity. I run a weird radiation Zane build, but the build itself works as general build, you could swap out bad dose for another augment for an all purpose build and it would work, the radiation part is just Bad Dose + my gear. I’ll post it when I’m home from work.

Bored at work so quickly put this together, it’s basically what I run except I only have 1 point in good misfortune for the 10% shield boost, which if you’re running a decent capacity shield you wouldn’t need. And as I said, the bad dose augment is for my radiation build so a swap to something else might suit you better. My seein dead also brings Donnybrook up 2 and playing dirty 2 so I have 90% chance at additional bullet.

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Alright, awesome. Go time.

My main build that I’ve been running since day two (minimal respecs through the entire life of the game…maybe one when I hit fifty and decided I could adjust my points) is a shotgun chaos build with clone and drone.

I run up to double barrel, grabbing Fractal Frags, Trick of The Light, Boom Enhance, and one point in Pocketful of Grenades. I take Violent Momentum, and make my way to a point or two in Good Misfortune.

Now. I generally give the clone either a shield stripping or cryo weapon, and I run either a cryo hex with On Throw or a Whispering Ice with On Throw. The hex will do more for the concept of keeping your Kill Skills up, but honestly, give the clone a fast enough weapon or an Ion Cannon and it’s no big deal.

Now, I do a lot of wonky stuff, my big thing was that I LOVE slide shotgun kills. But there’s tons of options in here. For example, this absolutely bonkers thing I did as a joke:

Any questions, I’m always open.

My new favorite shotguns are Slowhands. They’re VERY EASY TO MESS UP WITH…and I love that.

Also. My main gun is a Mind-Killer I farmed with clone ammo Regen. But that’s just my taste.

Build dumpsters M4, ran through takedown without a sweat. You’ll have insane speed, healing, and survivability of you use a similar shield/relic/com combo. You don’t necessarily have to use The Boring Gun, any gun that works well while sliding and shooting will do.

Everyone is giving great information, it is appreciated. Yours is very kool, I don’t do slide. Not good at it. However I love doing things slightly different. Live dying guns most don’t. I was using Maggie and becah months before they grew in popularity. Also love the Thorns, great weapon. One of these days I will find an anointed version and it will be even better. But for now, the x2 damage rocks.

Like some of your ideas as well as others, I will try them out.

So you don’t consider critswapping a glitch build? I don’t really mind how people play their game as long you don’t mod and matchmake, but I’m curious how you define critswapping.

Well it is not that hard to make a built without green tree.
11 points in green is just optimum of damage (you lose clone throwing grenades and 24% movement speed but gain (I think) 14.5 multiplicative damage from Barrier and 35% additive damage while shields are up) and survivability, which makes the 11 point green built optimal for M4 takedown.

If you want to go without green tree, you can for example switch the electric banjo (at least when I tried it, it’s main thing seemed to be proccing good misfortune) to a damage(freezing artifact and use a Hex grenade. Hex procs and a few points in Borrowed time will be enough for constant uptime as the clone goes into a grenade frenzy with the first grenade.

You could then go for a weak clone (no Boom Enhance, red up to 3 Supersonic, rest blue) to have him die early for ASE annointments on shield/grenade (having to press the button for explosion is even more annoying then picking up the barrier) or you go at least Boom Enhance for survivability with Schadenfreude and Digital Distribution (you keep the clone alive with Quick Breather) and decide if you want to go with Double Barrel or more points in the blue tree.
Equipment would be the standard 11 point green equipment (if you have Cutsman (shock) and Redistributor with 50% cold you’re fine weapon wise for Takedown, add an Ion Cannon for annoying single enemies), but you can change artifact (even more movement speed, yay) and Transformer/Stopgap are pretty much needed in my experience.

Of course crit swapping is in that gray area. But it is similar to swapping with clone for 130% more damage. In my eyes that is the same.