No Green Tree Zane Builds with Seein Dead?

Here is my ridiculous build that delves each tree. (just a mobbing build)

Great information.

I seem to always fill int he blue tree to the end, and add in rest to red. But miss the clone using a weapon of my choosing.
I have spent the last few days testing out Electric Banjo. It is such a weird artifact, because all it says is + resist shock and + shock damage, it lists no other benefits.
Also been using a recurring shock hex with a +15 movement Transformer, really keeps the shield up.
While testing this i was in Moxxi DLC using Lucians 50% cryo, Reditributor 50% cryo, Maggie 50% cryo and ion cannon 50% cryo, also used Becah and Custmans and one of my favorite guns Thorns - Was away awhile on Outer Worlds, so getting back into it with new Seein Dead mod, trying to see what works for me and brings the most DPS to bosses and mobs.

Well, 130% cloneswapping is a designed mechanic with positioning and timing challenges.

+400 something % critdamage by swapping to the unforgiven is definitely not intended, but a consequence of the way BL3 codes weapon stats and damage. It’s a little bit less cheaty than the bonus terror projectile, but a lot more than Tedior chucking in my eyes. Doesn’t mean I don’t play around with it now and than.

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