No guns, M4 Athenas and Traunt take down!

Just for fun, here’s a video of the one and only Amozing Moze! No cheats. No glitches. Pure, awesome, amazing, Moze. TVHM Mayhem 4. No guns. Only nades.


Hmm?? I think I just saw something like… ATLAS Rifle shooting?? Anyway interesting.
Edit: And can I get some information about the grenade? I don’t know much about grenades.

That’s fun! Tho, you didn’t show your gear. Is that a maddening tracker and mindsweeper mod? What’s the anointment? I’m curious because traunt did a super die at the last quarter of his red health, which usually means a grenade double or triple procced

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Not 1 shot fired from the Atlas. Watch closer. The nades have the same red stream.

It was so quick speed. You did not fire. And I’m O.K if you don’t tell me about the grenade.

I forgot I cut the gear/build showing off at the end. Here’s the build.


Pretty solid gear setup. Nice job man.


Thank you. This is what several days of gameplay and trading with other addicts will get you :joy:


I’m still waiting for the day I see that CMT anointment in a vending machine haha

Also is your MoD working better now? My suddenly works again, haven’t had a problem since the other day


@N8d0ggz I don’t know much about IB, but what do you think of this skill composition?

I honestly think that grenade annoint is the holy grail and I will weep when I finally find it.

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I think you might be cutting yourself short in damage output. With Moze I’ve found it best to invest heavily into your primary form of attack, with the remainder into healing or shields. Pure gun damage, you’ll want to invest in SoR. Extended mags, increased rate of fire, and increased crit damage, invest in Bottomless Mags. Splash and grenade damage, invest in Demolition woman. If you’re doing an Iron Bear build, your points will be spread out, but start with Demolition Woman skill tree as the largest buffs for Iron Bear are found there.

What’s class mod are you using. Can you post a picture of it? I can give you some pointers if you’d like.

It would also be good to know whether you have the guardian rank perk “topped off” unlocked yet

  • reasons explained here
    all credit to @twoPIZZA for fantastic testing
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MoD is hit or miss. It depends on the game mode. Seems to be several different issues. One being the loaded dice. The other being picking up ammo off the ground/chests. The third being your game mode. I’ve found MoD works fine in quests. Multiplayer it’s severely lacking. Slaughter is also lacking. Which really is a shame considering a lot of builds depend on MoD for survival. Since today is Thursday. Maybe we will get lucky and there will be a hotfix issued today.

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The problem is I really doubt it will be addressed. The problem is many fold, first of all not many people speak up about it. Secondly we don’t exactly know what’s causing it so it’s hard to speak up about it. Then you also have people who will say it works just fine. GBX isn’t going to fix it unless it’s a clearly identified issue that can be replicated.

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Sad but true. I think many casual gamers are just thrilled to see a grenade regen. The statistics aren’t a thought. In the grand scheme of things, this isn’t a priority, I’m guessing.

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I was just wondering how to use IB for your No gun set up. I asked for your opinion on it. But thanks for your suggestion.

I unlocked it. And I’m going to read the thread you posted. Cause I’m not a English speaker it will take some time.

This is not a “no gun build”, it just so happens that it’s powerful enough to allow you to only use grenades in certain situations, if you feel like a laugh. The video and this thread serves more as entertainment than anything else. This build is much, much more powerful WITH guns, which is the intention of this build.

If you wanted to make a similar build and use Iron Bear, you will be removing some of Moze’s damage output. I think you would have better results with other class mods, like Rocketeer, Raging Bear or Bear Trooper.

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If you were seriously carrying out No Gun build, I wanted to see you use IB to play on the more vicious battlefield. That’s why I asked for an opinion on the Skills I formed. I’m a little disappointed that you don’t seem to have that kind of heart. I don’t mean to study it seriously either. I enjoyed your play. Keep up the good work.

Now this is fun! hahahahaha i just love it, great work!

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