No Halloween Event? Wasted Opportunity!

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Msy I politely inquire as to why there is no Halloween themed event / skins?

Borderlands had Halloween skins, Overwatch is having an event right now…why nothing for our beloved Battleborn?

Thanks in advance.

There’s one spooky skins but that’s it. Also the Op is slightly halloweeninsh

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Last time I checked there were lots of them.

Alani, Thorn; Deande, Rath; Kleese, Phoebe; Ernest, Galilea, Ghalt; Reyna, S&A, WF. All that cheap costume party stuff has nothing in common with Battleborn universe, they’d better release them now, as an event pack, not as part of regular paid skins batches how they did…


With all that is going on with this game, none of them good (like you don’t know already,) I seriously doubt the first thing that comes to GBX’s minds are, “You know what, we really need a few more skins for the season where the lunatics like Rivaire would gladly pay his hard-earned money for -even though he lives in a cardboard cut-out of a box!”

The game introduced microtransactions when it was tanking, and look how good that went for the game.

Now I’m seeing people who once devoted a lot of time on this game not coming back for new content -because they find it boring.

Battleborn is under no position to be pumping out skins left and right when the mountain they are attempting to climb is steeper and wider each passing day.


Fair enough, guys.


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Yeah, I kinda wish they did. Even if they didn’t do it by microtransactions and just retextured the maps with a few new elements, along with some cool skins, it would be pretty fun.


Overgrowth but at night time and with a heavy layer of fog. Cob webs and Halloween decor cluttering the battlefield and random Halloween costumes automatically unlocked for the week.

Battleborn spoopy week!


Hell yeah. Wouldn’t take much effort, just a little re-jiggling of the lighting and dropping a few small elements (pumpkins, scarecrows etc.) that wouldn’t take long to make.

Heck, retexture the sentries to actually look like giant spiders - make Geoff proud!


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Oh my god you guys YES!!!


There’s just so much room for cool spooky shizzle in the Jennerit maps as well! I mean you could go full-on vampire themed, with bats, creepy organ music, dim lighting and stone castle walls. The Bliss-themed maps could be rejigged into an icy castle or summat. Eldrid maps like Paradise could be remade into a haunted forest.