No hearts for new event

Is anyone else having this problem ? Tried on 2 different characters, 2 cisterns runs 1 one m3 one m4, run through normal trash . Restarted ps4 multiple times disabled and enabled event . Not sure what’s causing it I’m online and hotfixs applied and I’ve hit 53 so that part working fine any suggestions folks ?

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I am having the same issue. I have the event enabled, the update and hotfix are applied, but I have not seen any hearts yet.

There was one thing that was off about the day it went live and that was that the game let me play it after the 300 mb download and then it told me while playing that 1.0.9 was ready to install. I am not certain if certain packages and dependencies might have gotten broken from me being able to play while it was still technically downloading and installing?

I’ve cleared my cache and reinstalled game still no hearts

Yeah, I did the same thing. Still no event for me either.

Something else I’ve noticed I cant go to the heist dlc even tho i have done it all before and its saying not installed ffs

It does not seem that animals or Moxxi Heist have heart’s

Yeah. They stated that the hearts would only be in main game areas. I had none spawn on athenas or in the slaughter shaft.

I saw hearts in both Athenas & the SS. Haven’t seen them in the Takedown or Scraptrap (which I suppose is correct if only in the “main game”?)

Yeah. I’ve seen reports that they only show up on human enemies from areas in the base game. But, as of this writing, I still have not seen one heart. I opened a support ticket, so hopefully I can get some sort of resolution before this event ends.

It seems I misunderstood the state of the enable/disable toggle. I thought it was reflecting current state and not the state that using the toggle will switch to. I am able to see the hearts now.