No hope for Australians?

Well, might as well get this out of the way. A couple of days ago I filled out a survey for Battleborn. I originally gave it some positive points, but at the end when it asked me if I would purchase or refer the game to a friend I gave it the lowest marks.

Why did I do that? Because as an Australian being forced to play overseas it was a lag filled mess. Playing competitive is nearly impossible because if I try to snipe someone in the head I have a 3 second window of hoping they don’t move. Then I’m suddenly thrown into the respawn screen because in that time someone snuck up and stabbed me, I just had to wait for the data to cross overseas.
It’s annoying to be able to step to the side and watch my own shots being fired from where I originally was standing, watch my bullets move across the area, hit an enemy, then wait a moment for his health to chip down and the hit markers to beep up. It creates such a disconnect to the player.
Sometimes I had trouble sprinting because the game kept forgetting I was moving and left me in this weird hobble state where I was constantly turning it off and on.

This happens all the time and I’ve been fighting/begging developers to fix this problem for over a decade. I rarely get a response and when I do it’s usually the same copy and pasted comment of, “Our system is designed to put you in the best match”. Which has never really worked, especially in a P2P system. The problem has never been selecting the best connection, it’s being lumped in with Americans and forced to play their games.

In a P2P system you need the option for ‘local only’. Otherwise the US player will always have host because their minimum speed is like our fastest available speed.
When Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 came out, I describe that first day as completely green? Why? Because the ping rating for every player was in full green. There was no lag problems at all. Then the following day, I see that after an Australian player left my match, a US player was thrown in. The game was paused as the match transferred host status to this US player. He was the only person on green ping, and that game became unplayable (online) from that moment on. There was no option to search locally, we were forced to rubber band all over the place.

When using servers, then pretty much every Australian/Oceania player is relying on someone being nice enough to remember us. If not, we’re completely out of luck. No hope for a decent speed because no servers exist at all!
Even if we do get a few servers, if there’s no way to select them personally then we’re still out of luck because we’re still thrown into US servers. There’s a good chance our servers will be full all the time (and I’ve even seen foreigners in our servers).

When Battlefield: Bad Company 2 came out there were local servers, but I never played in them. I couldn’t select them. Did you ever notice how at the start of a match a random player would run over to a fence and knife it? He was the Australian player, testing out which server he was in. Usually finding it took 3 seconds for the fence to be destroyed, indicating he wasn’t on his local server. Thankfully for future games they not only gave us our own servers but gave us the option to limit our searches to just AUS servers.

I remember when Homefront came out, the developer promised Australian servers. It was the reason I actually bought the game. But every match was a red ping.
I remember the beta for Transformers: War for Cybertron came out, which had a P2P system. When I booted up the menu I saw search options, with the ability to select ‘local only’. That convinced me to buy the game, I hadn’t even started my first match. When I did, I don’t think I ever had a laggy game.

Halo: Reach came out in 2010, with local search options. Today the game gets about 500 players a week. If I stick to Team Slayer, and wait 5-15 minutes, I can find a game. Australians only, no lag, all fun. The wait may be long, but I can always tolerate that more than I can tolerate lag.

Halo 4 came out in 2012, it did not have local search options. That game was a lag filled mess and was dead in 3 months. I still remember clearly my last moment in multiplayer. I stepped on a man cannon, flew through the air, teleported back to the edge of the man cannon and flew through the sky, teleported back and flew, hit the ground and committed suicide. I punched that power button.

Gears of War 2 came out as a laggy mess. Players soon left that game because they were getting annoyed they could get sniped with a shotgun. I went back only a month before Gears of War 3 came out, just to clear up a few achievements. But what’s this? No lag? Australian servers? Huh? What? When?
Yeah, they fixed this little problem. Now Australians could play with just themselves, and a bots for anybody who didn’t fill the rest. Unfortunately it was too late, nobody returned back because we never expect this problem to fix themselves. They admitted this themselves when talking about Gears of War 3.
Hell, I can put Gears of War 3 in right now and play online with no lag. Yeah, it will mostly be against bots since everybody left, but I don’t care. No lag!

A couple of months ago I got a beta key for Smite on PS4. I decided to play around with it, since it was free (even though I don’t like LoL Moba styled games). I got some enjoyment out of it, but I could only play with US or Europe players. It was annoying. If I was asked to pay for this I would have said no. Eventually I was getting frustrated with the game, I was about to quit and delete the game. I booted it up one last time and, to my surprise, I find the option to only play with Australians! The game was no longer laggy! Want to know what I did next? Shoved some money into my console for the developer to have, and I’ve been playing it a bit regularly since. Which reminds me, I need to give them some more money due to the amount of hours I’ve been playing.

Just so you know, I am completely aware of how difficult it is to get Australian servers. I keep up to date with this stuff, I’m still regularly complaining to my government about how badly they’ve been handling this stuff. I know how much more expensive, how much more limited data is to run them. I know. It’s annoying (although a P2P system with local options can still be just as good).

What’s really sad though is I doubt this thread will ever get notice. I expect a few comments from some US players going, “lol just buy better internet loser” and a few AUS comments saying, “Yeah! I was enjoying the game except for the lag!”. I’ve been through this before, time and again, I expect to do the same if the Overwatch beta has the same problems, and every time for every game after that. I’m getting tired of this. As all Australians are (and New Zealanders, and everybody in Asia, South Africa, Japan, etc., don’t think I’m leaving you guys out).
I’ll probably check in on this thread right before or at release. Check out if anybody in Australia can actually play it. Most likely will not hear of any changes and Battleborn will just disappear into my memory as another game I just had no chance to enjoy.


stick this in Randy’s ear would you? 2kAus was using somebodies servers, and i’m sure there still there, lonely, unfulfilled.

This place isn’t like that. Let us know if you do get unhelpful responses like that, by flagging them.

I’m sure gearbox are looking into the situation, you’re not the first to have posted about this.

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Fyi, @ryu_the_dragon: Bad Connection? Aus Servers?

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I don’t like how confusing this has all been. YES, the devs did address the issue in those posts but it’s seems like they latched on to the few positive responses and tried to amplify them rather than addressing the problem at hand.

I was really keen on this game until I spent the entirety of beta on red bar. Now even if we ARE connecting to somewhere nearby as the devs said (which I highly doubt) there are severe latency issues in connecting which still haven’t been addressed.

Australian. Never played a game off red bar. Around 30% of my time sprinting was in that janky on-off-sprint-hobble you describe. I could cope with the laggy hit detection, though, because they did count as hits (eventually), but it does break the immersion.

Just as a note, was that crappy experience on PC or a console?

Console for me

It was on PS4.

I played Xbox One
I never play PvP ever
For playing PvE I never experince any lag all week.
Gearbox needs to get dedercated australian servers that is the only way to fix that lag problem.
Possibly if the Xbox history is corect Microsoft gave Xbox players dedercated servers when Microsoft gave australian Xbox The cloud.
Hay PvP players in australia on Xbox One did you experince any lag in PvP?
I sure as hell didn’t with PvE.

I don’t have an answer, unfortunately, but I can say (without meaning to sound all “PC master race”) that I didn’t experience any of that on PC: I had green bars all the way. Local servers were pretty clearly a thing, and we were pretty clearly being automatically put on them.

I don’t know what the difference is between PC and PS4 as far as matchmaking and server structure and the like, but it could be something specific to that side of things.

Just to fill out the details: I’m Aussie, on ADSL2+, I clocked over 40 hours in the beta on PC and I never experienced noticeable lag. Certainly no weird rubberbandy movement or out-of-body bullet physics as described. In PvP, sniping was simply a matter of point & click, with no need to excessively lead targets or any other hinderance except my own skill. In PvE I always used the matchmaker to find at least 1 other person, since I had no interest in playing solo, and again never experienced an issue. I was also matched up with almost exclusively other Aussies for both PvE and PvP.

@BigGunsNeverTire That’s because the USA was asleep LOL.
Sorry USA we do live on the other side of the planet. No offence intended just a joke.

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the usa never sleeps.

Alright, I popped back up to find out.

Are there Australian servers?
Can I select them, even if I have to wait in a queue of 1,000 players? (I’m happy to do that)
If not, am I guaranteed to be in an Australian server when I join a match?
Or can I expect nothing but red bars?

Australian ps4 user here.

Been playing solidly since release. Yes has australia servers. No we cant select them. About 30% of the matchmaking games ive played have been australian servers with myself and my kiwi companion the only green bars. If i queue up for story mode with all aus/nz friends then it will be australian servers. Pvp on the other hand is luck of the draw. An option to search locally is much desired here.

This is definetely a very bad problem, I’m from South America and I’m facing the exact same problem. I’d expect a lot more from GBX. As you mentioned, even games from 6-8 years ago could work this out but, for some lazy reason, GBX couldn’t, and it’s not a kickstarting company that has to cut costs on servers or charges 19.99 for the game. It’s a full price game from a mature company.

This is a completely frustrating problem which GBX is not addressing properly. Maybe that’s why Blizzard released their Open Beta in the launch day: they are much more of a company than GBX is nowadays, they address the community, talk to the them in the forums and most likely are sure GBX will fail with this game if they do not treat community worldwide.

okay, I’m in Melbourne using Telstra internet.
this is the ■■■■ I got



Australian PS4.
Thats all ive been getting for the last couple of days as well


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Bendigo here. Having the exact same issues. I was under the impression that this was because of high traffic on the servers, but if this is what I can expect permanently I’m not going to be happy. I barely get a game in before I just turn it off because it gets so frustrating