No hot fix this week to fix the drop rate values of the anointed itens, that were actually nerfed?

I dont know if it was intentional or if it was a mistake but the drop rates of the anointed itens have been drastically reduced, even after they said they would keep the values of the mayhem on twitch event.
I was hoping for a hot fix this week to fix that, since the drop rates of the anointed gear is actually lower then the original values before mayhem on twitch.
Before the event i usually get 4-5 anointed legendary gears out of 30 legendary drops, during the event i got something around 15-20 anointed legendarys out of 30, but after the last week patch after farming the same way, out of 30 legendary drops i got only 1 anointed, and after trying again, out of the next 30 legendarys i got only 2 anointed, and the same aplies to blue and purple gear drops. The only source that still have increased anointed drops are the ghosts and the heck hole mobs.
I would not care if they reversed it to original values, but its actually worse now, even after they stated that the drops of anointed would still be increased after the event .
Hope they fix this, even if it is to set the values has they were before the event, wich would be better than it is now.

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hotfixes have been on thursdays unless i am mistaken so thets wait and see.

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I’ve been trying to get some sort of response or acknowledgment of the issue on Twitter with no luck so far. Here’s hoping.

They never said the annoited drop rate would remain the same as the event, all they said is they would keep a buffed drop rate going

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Already been quoted many times from the official Gearbox twitter that they were going to KEEP THE VALUES.