No Hotfixes applying?

Just logged in for a sesh and as per title. Quit and reloaded and same. Nothing. Anyone else?.

Same for me restarted game and my router and still the same

Bothers me some as I suspect my Zane is going to be a bit of a cream puff without them. :rofl:

Not 100% sure, but apparently Shift is down for maintenance or something and hotfixes are not applying.


this is it shift maintenance no hotfix. Should be over soon however. And yes Zane is unplayable badasses shoot you through barrier lol

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Thought it was hardware or connection, good to know it’s not.

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Guess I’ll just go die a lot until it’s back up then. Thanks for speedy replies all.

Someone posted a link to a Twitter post yesterday about planned SHIFT maintenance today. Which means no hotfixes until the maintenance window ends and the servers are back on-line.


I believe it was starting at 9:30 EST and ending around 3 hours later (so maybe it’s done now).