No key-binding for " Refill all ammo"

Hello everyone,

/!/ First time on this forum, so I hope i’m posting in the right section of the forum! Apologies if it isn’t :smile: /!/

As it says in the title, I don’t have a key-binding for the function " Refill all ammo" when I’m near a vendor. The game says " [NONE] Refil all ammo ".
And impossible to find that option in the controls menu! ( Well, I don’t find it, looked 3x everywhere :cry: )
Could you pretty please help me ? :slight_smile:

Have a nice day of looting fellas


Would be good to know what system are you on. Did you tried set the controls to default settings?

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thanks for the fast reply!! I’m on Windows 10 Pro 1909 :slight_smile:

And good idea! Will do that at the second when I get home!!

That happens when you have nothing assign on a weapon swap button (triangle on ps4). May have to buy the ammo on shop or assign a weapon swap key.

This game kinda suffer in too much to assign in few console keys


I think it’s listed as “secondary” in the assign keys settings, depending on which default setup you start from.

Actually, it’s Q by default. E is for accessing the Vendor to buy items from there, Q is refill all ammo/health

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Thanks guys!! Indeed it was the " Secondary " key-binding! Thanks a lot!

Have a nice night of farming juicy loot fellas ( and ladies, ofc) :smiley: