No legendaries dropping on M4

I switch to M2 and it’s raining legendaries.

Is there an issue with this?

I’m already pretty disappointed with the takedown and matchmaking… I thought maybe farming on M4 would be fun…

I was getting 5-6 legs per kill from Gigamind on 4 last night. The first few kills were crap though. Likely just the RNG gods being cranky.

I noticed that I get a TON of legendaries in M4 when I have a network connection, but when I turn it off to try farming, the Chupacabratch didn’t spawn a single legendary 7x in a row, at which point, I decided to see if Captain Traunt was any different. He dropped one. After that, I’ve just been staying connected and cycling thru bosses, especially vaults, and every boss has dropped anywhere between 5 and 9. Just now, I tried farming Rampager while disconnected. So far I’ve gotten 1, 2, 2, and 1.

Has anyone else noticed this?

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i have Gearbox did something to patch offline farming

I just want a corrosive Cutsman with the 25 second stacking 5% damage buff on kill anointment.

I know it’s a lot to ask.

In my experience it feels like I get more oranges per hour in M3 than I do in M4 simply because of the sponginess. Not positive that’s true but I think it is so I’ve been sticking to M3.

I’ve been farming giga, grave ward and traunt online all day. I usually get 1 or 2 legendaries but sometimes none and I’ve still yet to see any or the new legendaries

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I dunno, I’ve been getting fairly reasonable amount of drops. M2 and M3 might still be more efficient simply because you can kill enemies in less than half the time that they take on M4.

But you can’t get the new legendaries on mayhem 2/ 3

I can’t seem to get them on M4 :joy: